How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Condoms?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Condoms?

It is hard enough getting up the nerve to buy your first pack of condoms without having to worry about breaking the law. Many young people write in to the site asking if there is a legal age limit on the sale of condoms and other prophylactics.

I want to make this perfectly clear — there is no age restriction on condom sales. You can buy them no matter your age. In fact if a salesperson were to deny you the purchase of condoms he or she could get in a lot of trouble. It is illegal to restrict the sale of condoms to any individual, regardless of age.

Many people assume that condoms are age restricted probably because most other items related to “vice” are only sold to people of a certain age. If you want a pack of cigarettes you have to be at least 18 (here in America) and if you want a nice cold glass of beer you better be able to prove that you’re 21 years old. Condoms are different — because the use of condoms is considered a health and safety issue, there is no age restriction and there are no special procedures for buying them.

How to steel your nerves, and where to buy condoms

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CondomsIf you’re ready to have sex for the first time and you just need to pick up a few condoms so you can practice safe sex, you may find yourself very nervous to walk into the local pharmacy and make the purchase. For starters, buying condoms sort of “outs you” and the fact that you’ll be having sex. You may also be worried that someone you know (or someone your parents know) will see you buying them and embarrass you or get you in dutch with your folks. Finally, there are so many varieties of condoms that you may feel you don’t know what to buy.

To get over your fears about buying condoms you just need to put this condom-purchasing plan into perspective. You’ve already determined that you’re ready for sex, and if you really want to be careful and take a lot of stress out sex then you’ll need to buy condoms. If someone you know or someone you’re embarrassed about sees you buying them — relax. They’ll know that you’re practicing safe sex and may actually be excited to see someone your age being careful.

As for the final worry — condom variety and which brand and style to choose — that choice is up to you and your partner. You’ll need to think about everything from the material the condom is made from (latex, synthetics, sheepskin, etc) to the size of the condom (regular or Magnum). The brand really doesn’t matter, though I’ve found Lifestyles brand condoms to be the least likely to break. Talk with your partner and see what special needs he or she has. Then walk confidently up to the counter and prepare to slap down quite a bit of money. Hey, I said buying condoms was easy, I didn’t say it was cheap.

Where can you buy condoms? If you don’t want to buy condoms at the local pharmacy, you can also buy condoms online at multiple sites, including Amazon.

Congratulations — you’ve just purchased your first pack or packs of condoms. You are making the right decision by using protection. Now that your first purchase is out of the way, that wasn’t so bad was it?

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      41 thoughts on “How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Condoms?

      1. maddie

        I’m 14 and I bought condoms and my boyfriend came with me the first time we bought them. We were arguing about who was taking them to the counter. It was pretty funny. There’s no certain age, they can’t control your sex life, you do that and so therefore anyone who is sexually active needs to be safe. The night we bought condoms was the night I lost my virginity and the big snowstorm started that day and it’s been 3 months since then. (:

      2. Dane

        You can be any age and buy a condom. You could be 1 day old. The only thing that could hapen is the check out lady/man look at you weird. So age dosnt matter they just want you to be safe during that time of life that it hapens.

      3. Bobby

        Thank you sooo much! I was so nervous about buying my first condoms. But this helped a whole lot, since I’m only 14. I was really worried about if I was old enough because other sites that I looked at had mixed answers. This site just told me straight forward.

      4. Josh

        Umm i am 14 and i want to buy condoms to be safe…. uh stupid question but since i think that everyone is judging me how do i buy them with out a credit card and without getting seen getting them?

      5. Quentin

        hello i’m 14 and i was reading these comments and was feeling pretty good about buying condoms until i read ”Tyler says:I went to shell to buy condoms an he said you have to be 18” what do i do if that happens? do i just walk out and go somewhere else and try?

      6. Brandon

        I’m 17 and I just bought my first pack of condoms and I was nervous but it turned out pretty funny at first she asked for ID cause she didn’t know if there was an age cause she thought since it was by the medicine it was 18 but in the end she was like oh well let the boy go out and have fun and before I left she said she was proud of me for being soo responsable so if you’re nervous about it don’t be it’s not that bad. Just my advice is don’t go with parents they tend to embarass you lol. FYI I’m a really shy guy so if I can so can you

      7. byron

        i was reading this for information pertaining to a friend of my daughters, who is 17 and now pregnant. while i applaud you all for trying to be responsible and prevent std’s and pregnancy, it disturbs me that so many of you are so very young. i am 35 and had sex for the first time at 14. i regret makeing a decision like that at such a young age. perhaps i have become jaded or just wiser, i dont know, but you girls and guys should really wait. the person you are with at 14 is not going to be there at 18..hell, i havent talked to her in over 20 years. don’t have sex just because your friends are, or because you feel pressured. wait until you are older, when you have some more maturity, and are absolutely sure you are in love.

      8. Megan

        I’m 15 and i haven’t bought condoms yet. I so want to though!! Lol. Me and Boyfriend have been dating for a year and we haven’t had sex yet. We’ve decided to wait until marriage but that doesn’t mean we don’t fantasize or wish we could do it! :)

      9. Andrew

        Dude im 14 and im going to buy some condoms here shortly for the first time, but I do know one thing. Him not selling you condoms is ilegel by law as there is no age restriction for buying condoms.
        FYI to people i know words are spelled wrong.

      10. Samantha

        aww thankyou im nearly 14 and me and my boyfriend are getting quite serious in our realtionship, and we are really worried of going to but condoms because we thought we would get looked at weirdly this has really helped thanks.

      11. Eddie

        im 17 and i went to buy some condoms and the lady said i had to be 18, and i don’t get embarrassed at all so i was arguing with her and telling her that anyone can buy them that theres no age requirement.luckly for me there was a cop at the ampm and i told him the lady wouldnt sell me the condoms, and he went and yelled at here hahahaha. i was like thats right !!!!!!!!

      12. Josh

        The lady looked at me like I was,crazy but yjen I showed her the site then she laughed apologized and gave them to me for free. I am 14 by the way

      13. Ryan

        lol im 14 and i was dared to buy a condom so i wnt into the shop and said orite the shopkeeper just looked at me and i said give us a pack of johnys and he kicked me out

      14. Michael

        I was 12 when i had the guts to buy some. Its really easy and the lady ther just smild at me :) i bought flavourd ones btw lifestyle is a good brand ;) oh and im 13 now

      15. chase ???????


      16. Robert downing

        i was 14 when i went into the clinic and they gave me paper work i filled it out and they gave me a brown bag and a card i opened the bag and found 30 condoms i knew i wouldnt need that many so i put them in my friends house luckily she still hasnt found my stash

      17. Robert Johnson

        It kinda scares me seeing all of the people commenting being 14 years old. I mean, I’m 16 and my prom is coming up. This is the first time I’ve actually considered this, and for somebody who is still in middle school or a freshmen to have already, its rather distrubing.

      18. Thomas

        I’m 15 and my gf and I are considering having sex for the first time. I haven’t bought any condoma before but thx for the advise. This rlly lowered my nervousness of buying them, but how much would condoms cost

      19. joe

        This gave me the confidence to go out and buy myself some condoms. By the way im 14. Thx for the advise. Pce

      20. Katie

        My friend and I was talking about condoms, for me I wanted to be safe at all time in case something happen and I wasn’t ready, so my friend bought 1 condom from a bathroom in a dining place for 50 cent, so then I was like I wanna buy condoms, but I don’t know where to buy it and I’m not shy btw I’m 11

      21. Erick ptn

        Well im 13 and im having sex and i know i need condoms buti thoought there was an age restirction but when i found out it wasnt i was like ok so i had the tlk with my stepdad and he said he would buy me some and my mom said she would to…..

      22. leon

        Well, this helped a lot, me and my gf decited it wuz time 2 try since we r both 16, and I wuz nevous but now I’m ok:)

      23. nicole

        i dont understand what the heck is wrong with some of yall. i mean yeah be safe but comon!! im 19 and yes i admit i had sex young but guys i regret it so much. 1. good job being safe. 2. think about it before you do it though. 3 that person you do it with most likley wont be in your life when your 19 i promise. i thought forever when he was thinking vag. its not something you want to remember once you get older. its something your going to wish you waited for. im looking at this web site because i have to write a paper for college and i really just had to comment.

      24. Eric

        i am 13 .me and gf are thiking about it but with out a condom i think when you have sex for the first time you sould just make love not safe sex

      25. zach

        me and my girl are lookin to have sex but she already got a daughter! (not by me!!!) so we are going to be carefull! im 14 and shes 17!!!

      26. Courtney

        my best friend is having ssex with his girl friend they couldnt get a condom so there just going for it! should i just got buy condoms for them?

      27. Joe

        This really worries me being 24 that such yound people are buying items like these i am in highschool working on my masters and i am still a virgin so all you young people dont have sex to early but if you really have to dont have natural sex have oral or anal to make sure of no pregnancy and remember abstonance is the answer

      28. Logan

        Im turning 12 and my gf wants b day sex im going to walgreens now very nervous what should i do

      29. nick


      30. cassidy

        umm me and my boyfriend went to buy condoms and the ladie just looked at us and smiled and said u guys have fun well condoms dont work tbh.!(:

      31. George

        I’m 15 and I have considered doing it with previous girlfriends, and I assume they considered doing it with me too. My previous girlfriend and I got pretty serious and lets just say things got “out of hand” and we were both down to minimal clothing but we decided not to and now I’m honestly glad we didn’t because we broke up 2 months later. What you should take away from this is that you should be sure you want to have sex before you do it. Of course us guys always thing about this girl being “the one” because it feels right. but it never is. things aren’t serious for a while guys, take it slow. I still haven’t had sex and I am fine with that, nobody I know has (as far as I know…) but I am here because I am afraid it will happen soon. Also, don’t misunderstand this, of course I want to have sex, I just want to make sure that I really like the girl I do it with. I can’t say love, because you don’t love a person until you are ready to marry him/her. I go to a sleep away camp tomorrow and I had this on/off thing with a girl that will be there. Good thing I went to the store and got those condoms. Not gonna lie, it was weird. Also considering that 2 of my friends were with me and I made them stand at the entrance of the store because 3 dudes walking into a store and buying condoms… that looks really… yeah…

      32. gloria

        thank you so much! i just turned 13 and im goin into the eighth grade and i just feel like i was sometime this year, goin to be pressered into having sex. but now i dont feel nervuse or afraid about going to buy condoms.

      33. YoungMother

        Im 15 and Me and my boyfriend had been together for 2 years and decided we was ready to takr our relationship to a new level so we bought Trojan condoms for our first time having sex, unfortunately, the condom ripped and I ended up pregnant.. a few Months after we fount out.. he left me. Im now raising my 3 Month old daughter on my own while continuing my education and trying to make money. Dont get me wrong, my daughter is the best thing that’s ever happened to me but I really wish wouldve waited till I was graduated with a good job and married to have sex. To everyone on this site my age or younger, you really should think about it… like “what if” cause I didn’t think that I would get pregnant using protection. Really think if your ready in case something happened, because honestly at this age is not impossible but SO much harder than it seems.

      34. Alexus

        I am nerves about buying condoms im 14 years old and my boyfriend and i want to start having sex. And i am nerves about it. Can someone help me do you think they are going to let us buy it even if we are 14 years old????

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