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Hair Care

The wellness of hair is a topic popular to both men and women. This section consists of nine articles related to hair, its care and styling tips.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

For some people, going to the hairdresser to get their hair cut is a fun, enjoyable and affordable experience. For others, getting a haircut is something they put off, because they view haircuts as needless, too expensive, they don’t like to chatter with the hairdresser or they don’t like staring in a mirror that long with nothing to distract their attention.

How to Style Curly Hair?

For many man and women curly hair can seem like such a burden. Curly hair can often be difficult to style, cut, and not to mention that the slightest bit of humidity can make your hair frizz.

What Are Some Good Hair Care Treatments For Various Types Of Hair?

Whether you have curly hair or a dry scalp, you might be asking yourself, “What are some good hair care treatments for various types of hair?” Luckily, has your answers!

What Is The Best Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss is a condition that afflicts about 60% of men and even about 10% or all women. It can be embarrassing and lead to problems of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

How Do You Use Hair Straighteners?

Not everyone likes their naturally curly hair. It can get messy and tangled and is hard to upkeep. Sure some women pay big bucks to get their hair curled where it looks natural but for those that live with it everyday, sometimes you just want a different look.

How Do I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Everyone has at some time or another had a bad haircut. You can’t wait until your hair grows back out but it seems to take forever.

Skin Care

In the following skin care articles we discuss the treatment of some common skin ailments such as pimples, stretch marks and wrinkles. We also review skin care products and provide tips to help you reduce the signs of aging.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are marks on a person’s skin that are made when the skin is stretched too far. There are a number of causes for stretch marks, including pregnancy, body building or other forms of weight gain the body might not be used to.

How Do You Conceal Pimples With Makeup?

It never fails does it? The night before the big dance, the prom, or the blind date that your nosey mother set you up on, you ended up with a big pimple. While you stare at it in horror, you then decide the best course of action would be to pop it.

Do Wrinkle Creams Really Work?

Many of our readers who are starting to show their age have written in and asked, “Do wrinkle creams really work?” Every brand of wrinkle cream claims to have some positive effect when it comes to rejuvenating your skin, but is it possible that the manufacturers would actually lie?

Nail Care

While our nail care category is still young we’ve began by reviewing some key topics including nail care products and the treatment of ingrown toenails.

How Do I Treat an Ingrown Toenail?

This article here is written purely out of experience and experience alone. I have had an ingrown toenail 3 times and each time I have had to go to the doctor to have it removed.

How Do I Select Good Nail Care Products?

Many of our female readers like to keep their fingernails looking good. Because of this, often receives questions such as, “How do I select good nail care products?”.

Cosmetology and Beauty Schools

Get answers to common cosmetology questions including how to get into a cosmetology school, how to find financial aid and what to do after you graduate. We also covers the basics of beauty school, their requirements and costs.

Do Beauty Schools Offer Financial Aid?

If you’re thinking of enrolling in a cosmetology program, you should probably be asking yourself, “Do beauty schools offer financial aid?”.

How Do You Get A Degree In Cosmetology?

Readers planning on becoming cosmetologists often write in and ask, “How do you get a degree in cosmetology?” The answer is actually very simple, although the phrase “degree in cosmetology” can be somewhat misleading.

How Much Do Beauty Schools Cost?

Prior to searching for a cosmetology school, many of our readers write in and ask, “How much do beauty schools cost?”. It’s a reasonable question, especially considering the number of people who attend beauty schools each year.

Can I Attend An Online Cosmetology School?

Many of our readers have expressed an interest in becoming a cosmetologist, but they simply don’t have the time after working a job, taking care of kids, etc. That’s why many readers have posed the question, “Can I attend an online cosmetology school?”.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Cosmetology?

If you’re considering enrolling in a beauty school, you might be wondering, “What can you do with a degree in cosmetology?”. This is a perfectly understandable question, as you want to make sure that you’re getting into a career field which offers diverse opportunities and an adequate revenue stream.

How Can I Get Into Beauty Schools?

A number of future hair stylists have written and asked, “How can I get into beauty school?”. While colleges may have complicated requirements like the SAT, ACT and others, getting into an outstanding beauty school is simplicity itself.

What Are The Best Beauty Schools?

If you’re considering a career as a stylist, you should be asking, “What are the best beauty schools?”. When trying to answer, “What are the best beauty schools?”, it’s important to consider a number of factors.


A collection of guides related to the colognes, perfumes and pheromones. These articles feature advice on where to buy fragrance products and on the capabilities of certain pheromone colognes and perfumes.

Do Pheromone Colognes Work?

We get a lot of single readers here at, and many of them are looking for new ways to meet members of the opposite sex (or same sex, as the case may be).

Where Can I Buy Discount Men’s Cologne?

There are few things that are as attractive to a woman as a nice-smelling man (except maybe helping out with chores around the house). Men’s cologne is different from women’s perfumes.

What Are The Differences Between Male Pheromones And Female Pheromones?

Attraction is a part of the social game we humans play. In the animal world, finding a mate is based on instinct but we have more choice in the matter.

Where Can I Find Good, Discount Perfumes?

If you want to smell great but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, you might ask yourself, “Where can I find good, discounted perfumes?” The answer is actually a simple one, as numerous online businesses exist with the sole purpose of selling you top fragrances at low prices.


The care of teeth is an important aspect of our daily lives. As this section expands you will see articles related to tooth care, and tips for keeping teeth beautiful.

How Do You Get Whiter Teeth?

Many people write in to wanting to know, “How do you get whiter teeth?” This is a common concern, as most people want to have a clean, white smile for friends and family (and members of the opposite sex).


Information about tanning, different tanning techniques and safety while exposing your skin to sun light.

What Is Sunless Tanning?

With summer just around the corner, both men and women want to look good lounging by the pool. Sure, you can lie out in the direct sunlight to get a great tan, or you can spend time under the UV lights of a tanning bed.

How Do Tanning Pills Work?

If given the option, most people would like to have a nice golden tan. Many people, however, don’t have the time to lie under a tanning bed or soak up the sun by poolside.

Is Tanning Bad For You?

The beaches are populated with beautiful tanned bodies. They lay there all day soaking up the sun in order to get that dark bronzed look.

Miscellaneous Beauty

A section for general beauty articles that don’t closely related to one of the categories listed above.

What is Ear Gauging? How Do You Get Your Ears Gauged?

For many people body art and modification is nothing new. And as of lately, you do not hear body modification referred to as a way to “rebel” against your parents or other elders.

What Should A Girl Do To Prepare For Prom?

With the end of the school year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start getting prepared for the prom. While there are plenty of you out there that are calm and stress free about this event, there are just as many of you that freak out and pull your hair anytime someone mentions the word.

Common Beauty Questions and Answers

Beauty Tips

The following is a collection of beauty tips meant to address common problems submitted by our readers. Some of these articles feature profiles companies in the beauty industry and make up tips.

How Can I Fix My Hair Color If It’s Fading?

Your hair color might have faded due to sun exposure and or swimming in chlorine or salt water. Chemicals left in the hair (like chlorine) can really alter the color of your hair, especially when mixed with exposure to sunshine. It is important to rinse or shampoo your hair immediately after swimming in the ocean or in a pool. Hair color also fades in time. Reapply hair color as often as recommended to insure best results (refer to the instructions that come with the hair color product).

Since the damage is already done and your hair color has faded, the easiest thing to do to correct this problem would be to apply a very gentle, semi-permanent hair color in an ashy-tone (green or blue based). Choose a color that is slightly (only slightly) darker than your existing color for best coverage. Please make sure your hair is in good condition prior to applying color. It would be a good idea to trim off split ends and to give your hair a good conditioning treatment. This is the best advice I can give you without actually seeing your hair. You may also want to call the company that made the hair color product that you originally used. You can find the phone number on the box or bottle of hair color … or search for it on the internet. I hope this has been helpful.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pimples?

The best thing to do is to keep your hands off of your face, don’t pick or squeeze your pimples and follow the beauty advice here. Wash your face twice a day with a mild facial cleanser. Using a clean washcloth is good too, but don’t scrub or aggravate your skin. There are some very good skin care products that in many cases can make your pimples disappear overnight (or at least have them look much better overnight, and have them heal much faster).

How Can I Correct A Home Hair Coloring Mistake?

Selecting a hair color is not as simple as it seems. Your end result will vary depending on your starting color (your hair color before using the product) and the shade you select. Here’s our beauty tip: use a semi-permanent hair color first, until you find the right shade for you.

Because the hair color you used is permanent and darker than you desired, you will have to use a lightener to “lift” the color (applying a lighter hair color over what you have now will NOT work). If you used a dark brown and it was too dark you could use something like Clairol Born Blonde to lighten your hair. If the Born Blonde lightens your hair but you still don’t like it, you can then reapply new permanent hair color over it. Your hair must be in good condition to do this (if it is damaged or over processed get professional help). You could also add highlights to your hair to break up the dark color (but this is a whole different look). Use a good conditioner too after the color process.