Do Pheromone Colognes Work?

We get a lot of single readers here at, and many of them are looking for new ways to meet members of the opposite sex (or same sex, as the case may be). Because of this, one question we’re repeatedly asked is, “Do pheromone colognes work?”

While there’s no definitive answer on the subject, we’ll do our best to examine the issue. We’ll look at some of the top-selling brands of pheromone cologne on the market, plus study the results of research conducted by scientists and news organizations.

Benefits of Pheromone Colognes


So what are the benefits of pheromone colognes? If so many brands are available, the promised results must be pretty amazing, right? Let’s take a look.

  • Pheromone colognes will help you get more smiles and eye contact from members of the opposite sex.
  • Pheromone colognes will help improve your business relationships.
  • Pheromone colognes will earn you the respect of members of the same sex.
  • Pheromone colognes will lead to a boost in self-confidence.
  • Pheromone colognes will encourage the opposite sex to talk to you.
  • Pheromone colognes will put the opposite sex at ease.
  • Pheromone colognes will make you more sexually attractive.
  • Pheromone colognes will provide a spark for you current relationship.
  • Pheromone colognes will lead to more dates and more sex.
  • Pheromone colognes will improve the quality of your sex life.

Keep in mind that these are the promised results; that doesn’t mean that pheromone colognes actually deliver on any of these claims.

How Pheromone Colognes Work

When asking “Do pheromone colognes work,” it’s helpful to first know how they work. This section aims to do just that.

In 1703, scientists were said to have discovered the VNO or vomeronasal organ, an organ in the nasal cavity which they believed was no longer used by humans. In recent years, however, some scientists have concluded that this organ detects pheromones, a chemical excretion which attracts members of the opposite sex.

While people naturally give off pheromones, these products claim to boost the normal amount. Pheromone colognes are also designed to replace pheromones which are washed off or covered up by clothing.

Top Pheromone Colognes

If you want to do some personal experimentation to answer the question “Do pheromone colognes work,” you might consider buying some of the product and trying it out. The following list details some of the top pheromone colognes currently available over the Internet.

  • Athena Pheromones – Includes genuine pheromones and is recommended for use as an aftershave additive. A bottle of this product costs $99.99.
  • Pherlure Cologne – This product claims that it has been tested at a university. A single bottle is $49.99, and two bottles are $99.99 (buy two, get one free). They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • PherX – Costs $29.95 per bottle and contains androstenone pheromone.
  • Primal Instinct – Boasts the most potent concentration of pheromones on the market. Each bottle is $69.95.
  • Nexus Pheromones – Offers double the concentration of pheromones. One bottle us $49.95, two bottles are $69.90, and four bottles are $129.80.
  • Androstenone Pheromone “Full Strength” Concentrate – Featured in Playboy Magazine, this product costs $39.95.

Research by 20/20

To answer the question, “Do pheromone colognes work,” the television news program 20/20 conducted their own research. Two sets of twenty-something identical twins (male and female) were sent to a speed dating event. One twin received a spray of pheromone cologne, while the other received a placebo.

Each twin went on 10 dates lasting five minutes each. Afterwards, their dating partners filled out cards to indicate which people they would like to see again. Sarah (who had the pheromones) drew interest from 9 out of 10 men, while her twin, Bridget, had 5 men interested. Of the male twins, 10 out of 10 women were interested in Dave (wearing the pheromones), while 6 were interested in Paul.

Do Pheromone Colognes Work?

So do pheromone colognes work? While the above research from 20/20 might indicate that they do, keep in mind that this was only one test–hardly enough to be considered definitive.

Many scientists believe that simply knowing (or thinking) you’re wearing pheromones will lead to an increase in self-confidence. Of course, this placebo effect makes it very difficult to actually gauge the effectiveness of the product.

Ultimately, enough scientific data doesn’t exist to prove or disprove the effectiveness of pheromone colognes. The makers of the product will argue this fact, but they want to line their pockets with your money. Don’t trust any sort of “scientific” data found on their websites, as you can bet it’s slanted to their benefit.

If wearing pheromone cologne around the opposite sex seems to help, then go for it. If not, skip it and find a more effective technique. It’s just that simple.