How to Conceal Pimples with Makeup?

It never fails does it? The night before the big dance, the prom, or the blind date that your nosey mother set you up on, you ended up with a big pimple. While you stare at it in horror, you then decide the best course of action would be to pop it. You grab the tweezers or maybe you can pop it with your fingernails. Popping the pimple would make it go away, right?

Wrong! In fact if you pop that pimple not only will you have a mess of blood and pus to clean up, but it will irritate your skin even worse and in fact cause you to have more pimples. This of course only works against what you are trying to achieve. Not to mention the fact that you will have a scab and possibly even worse, a scar. So is there a way for women, and yes men too, to hide their pimples?

Using Makeup to Hide Pimples


First and foremost, you need to be sure that the area you are trying to cover is clean and free of any dirt or oil. Not only will it make the application easier, but you will prevent further irritation. You will want to use a concealer and will want to make sure that it is:

  • Oil Free
  • High Quality
  • Does not plug pores
  • Matches skin tone
  • Green or yellow undertone which will offset the redness

Applying Makeup to Conceal Blemishes

Next time you need help applying makeup to conceal blemishes try following these tips:

  • Apply an oil free foundation
  • Apply concealer with clean fingertips, clean sponge, makeup brush, or cotton swab.
  • Let the concealer dry, then use powder to set and blend with your skin.
  • Men can use a concealer stick or a “Men Pen” which is designed for a man’s skin

Some other tips would be too disguise the pimple as a beauty mark. You can do this using a beauty mark sticker or using a eye liner pencil. It is important to know that if you use a pencil though that you will want it freshly sharpened and it is still possible to irritate the skin. You can also try a cover stick, which is just a stick version of concealer. The most important factor is to find a concealer with a similar skin tone so that the pimple or irritated area does not stick out from you trying to fix it. Some old “wives tales” would be to try toothpaste until the pimple is gone. If using the “paste” form of toothpaste it should cause the pimple to dry out and after a day or two be gone completely. Ice can also help by bringing down the swelling.

Skin Care

Although pimples can not be 100% avoided, they can be prevented by proper skin care. It is important to wash your face daily and even more so after events that cause you to sweat. You will want to make sure that you touch your face as little as possible and when you do, your hands are clean. A proper diet and lots of water can also help with the prevention of pimples. If you use our suggestions above you be able to properly disguise your pimples if not be rid of them almost completely.