How to Select Good Nail Care Products

Many of our female readers like to keep their fingernails looking good. Because of this, often receives questions such as, “How do I select good nail care products?”.

The fingernails are comprised of a protein known as keratin. While the nails are meant to protect the ends of our fingers, people have begun to look at them more from an aesthetic point of view over the centuries.

This has led to the art of manicuring, which is designed to care for the nails and hands. It’s recommended that basic maintenance be done on your nails at least once a week, and a manicurist should be consulted every month to six weeks. This will allow your hands and fingernails to look their best.

Nail care products have also become increasingly popular over the last several decades, leading many to ask, “How do I select good nail care products?”. While hundreds of products are available, this article will focus on a few key factors to consider when making your choice.

History of Nail Care


Before we answer the question, “How do I select good nail care products?”, let’s look at some interesting historical facts about the evolution of nail care.

  • Starting around 3000 BC, Chinese royalty painted their fingernails black and red. The paint was made with a mixture of egg whites, gum Arabic, bee’s wax and gelatin.
  • Babylonian noblemen used golden tools to give themselves pedicures and manicures.
  • Red nail color indicated the highest social status in ancient Egypt.
  • Military commanders in Rome and Egypt would sometimes paint their nails the same color as their lips before departing for war.
  • In 600 BC, the Chinese royal nail colors were silver, gold and metallic. Anyone from the lower classes who wore nail polish was put to death.
  • In 1800, almond-shaped fingernails were the fashion. Nails were kept short and slightly pointed.
  • In 1920, nail polish was introduced to the consumer in a shade of rosy red. As per the fashion of the time, nail polish was only applied to the center of the nail.

Selecting Good Nail Care Products

Each person’s nails may respond differently to various products. For this reason, it’s suggested that you not be afraid to experiment when it come to selecting good nail care products. When you find one you really like, stick with it.

The following tips can be useful when it comes to answering the question, “How do I select good nail care products?”:

  1. A base coat is an essential part of your nail product kit. Applying a base coat keeps the color of your nail polish from staining your actual fingernails. You don’t need any special brand of base coat; just make sure that it’s clear.
  2. If you suffer from dry skin or live in a dry climate, cuticles can sometimes split apart and bleed. This can be prevented by keeping cuticle cream or cuticle oil in your nail care kit.
  3. When you want to remove your fingernail polish, you’ll need to have acetone free nail polish remover nearby. All-natural versions of the product are now available, and they won’t dry out your skin like other brands.
  4. Neutral colors such as light pink, nude and beige tend to match any outfit. Keeping neutral nail polish colors on hand is a must for proper nail care. Also make certain that the nail polish dries quickly. As a general rule, drying your nails should never take longer than 5 minutes.