How to Use a Foundation Brush

How to Use a Foundation Brush

Learning how to use a foundation brush is the difference between perfectly flawless face makeup and a dirty, unpolished look. Foundation brushes keep your from applying blotchy ugly makeup, and help you perfect your even finish. This handy little tool is seriously misunderstood by most women who wear makeup.

Do you really need a foundation brush? Ask the experts. Having a good set of makeup brushes is important. Makeup artists depend on their makeup brushes as their main tools. Good makeup brushes aren’t cheap by any means, but if they’re properly taken care of, they should last you a long time.

A decent set of makeup brushes, containing all your essential brushes and a few extras for special occasions, is a perfect investment for a younger woman. They don’t have to be the priciest brushes in the store, but most kits that come cheap aren’t going to get the job done either. The only way to find a good set of makeup brushes that won’t break your checking account’s back is to shop around.

Why Do I Need a Foundation Brush?

You know that brushes are a necessity for perfect makeup application, right? Brushes help you blend, glide, cover, and add blush all with perfect even strokes. Brushes can also be used to make the drudgery of applying foundation a lot more easier.

Foundation application is tough, even for people with tons of practice at applying makeup. Foundation must be blended into dry spots, you have to deal with oily skin problems, and attempting to properly apply foundation in the nooks and crannies of the face is just plain difficult. Luckily, makeup brushes exist to help us with out makeup troubles. There are plenty of tools to help you apply foundation properly. Foundation application tools include everything from disposable sponges to wedges all the way up to expensive brushes — how do you know when to use which tools?

How to Use a Foundation Brush

Sponges are useful tools for some makeup applications — some sponges are designed to “stipple” makeup effects, mostly for stage and screen acting. Some sponges and wedges are silky textured and light, still others are built of harder materials others and they’re meant to not “soak up” the foundation. Even though there’s a wide variety of sponges, makeup brushes are far more versatile and useful in all makeup situations and should replace the sponges and wedges in your current makeup collection.

Foundation brushes are useful for many reasons:

  • Foundation brushes work well with all types of foundation, including liquids, creams, and even solids.
  • Foundation brushes create a flawless finished product by allowing the makeup to cover the face evenly.
  • Foundation brushes make putting on makeup and using it to cover your face easy — they are uniquely shaped and tapered to get the job done more efficiently.
  • Foundation brushes, while expensive, are easy to keep clean and should last you for years.

Foundation Brush Basics

So you’ve never used a foundation brush or sponge before — you need to learn the basics before you rush out and buy an expensive brush set.

Pour some foundation (assuming you are using a liquid foundation) onto the back of your hand.

Use the brush to pick up some foundation. Do you prefer light or heavy coverage? If light, rub only one side of the brush in the foundation. For fuller coverage, use both sides of the brush to soak up the makeup.

Apply foundation using broad, downward strokes. The idea is to “sweep and blend” the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Now switch to the tapered edges of the brush to start blending your foundation into hard-to-reach areas like the corners of the nose, near hairline, and around the eyes or mouth.

If you use a foundation that isn’t liquid, such as a cream or powder foundation, just rub your brush over that product in its container. Many foundation brushes are designed for specific foundation types, but you don’t really need a foundation brush for every type of foundation.

Foundation Brush Care

So you’re now a master of the foundation brush — how can you take care of it to make it last longer? Cleaning makeup brushes is important in making them last longer, but also to keep them free of bacteria. Makeup brushes are notorious for harboring lingering bacteria, which can cause acne breakouts and other health problems. This happens when there is excess makeup buildup on the brush.

There are plenty of high-end brands of foundation brush cleaners, but you can avoid the high cost of these products by using baby shampoo. That’s right — plain old baby shampoo can keep your foundation brush clean for years. Just swirl your foundations brush’s head through a little puddle of shampoo and rinse. Pat the brush dry and you’re ready to go.

Makeup application should be fun and simple, not difficult and stressful. If you have the right tools, including a foundation brush and a proper way of cleaning that brush,then you’ll have all the tools you need to apply good makeup. Now that you’ve learned to use a foundation brush, you have taken the important first step towards applying perfect makeup.

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