Where Can I Buy Discount Men’s Cologne?

There are few things that are as attractive to a woman as a nice-smelling man (except maybe helping out with chores around the house). Men’s cologne is different from women’s perfumes. Cologne is stronger and designed to compliment a man’s image and appearance. Some are more rugged than others while some are more sophisticated. There are so many different colognes, all with individual fragrances. The designer labels are usually a higher quality and last longer. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive. It may seem ridiculous to some people to have to save money in order to buy a tiny bottle that may last a month. But you do want to smell good, right? A stinky man is not an attractive man. The good news is that you can get quality men’s cologne at a cheaper price is you know where to look. So ask yourself this: where can I buy discount men’s cologne? Well read on, seekers of manly fragrances.

Buying Discount Cologne Online

For the best selection of discount men’s cologne, you can shop online. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer discounted men’s cologne from various manufacturers which makes buying discount cologne online very easy. Some of these products may be actual designer brands while others may be inexpensive knock-offs that copy the designer stuff. The good point about shopping online is that you have a wider selection to choose from and it is easy to compare shop. The drawback is that unless you tested the cologne out in a store, you don’t know what they smell like. You may order a specific cologne only to find out once it arrives that you don’t like it. Do some research and testing in the store before going online to find the best price. For some really good discounts, you can check out Perfumeland.com, Perfume-net.com, Perfumania.com, Ultrafragrances.com, and Fragrancenet.com.

Inexpensive Colognes at Discount Stores

Finding inexpensive colognes at discount stores is another great way to save on men’s cologne. These stores can be anything from a discounted dollar store to a family supermarket such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Ross. Dollar stores will naturally have better prices but they are also more than likely to only carry cheap imitations. If you want one of the designer brands, you would have better luck of finding them at Wal-Mart or one of those stores. The prices will usually be better than at a premiere retail store like Macy’s or Dilliard’s. In fact, these stores you should avoid if trying to find some inexpensive colognes. They will have the highest price of anywhere.

Visit An Expo

Another great place to find some discount men’s cologne is at a perfume expo. These are trade shows for the industry that gives manufacturers a chance to debut some of their new products. If you live anywhere near a major city, they usually have at least one show a year. The great thing about attending one of these perfume expos is that you get to meet the manufacturers face-to-face, they can tell you all about their colognes and fragrances, and you can test any number of their products. Another good bonus is that a lot of the vendors have free samples that they pass out so if you make the rounds to all of the vendors, you can really load up on some freebies. Some of the vendors, such as the distributors, may even have some cologne discounted specifically for the show. If you have never been to one of these expos and smelling good is important to you, they are definitely worth checking out.