How Does the Kindle Work in Australia?

How Does the Kindle Work in Australia?

The first Kindle device released by Amazon was not compatible for use in Australia. In fact, the Kindle 1 was for Americans and Americans only.

Late last year Amazon released the Kindle 2 which works with multiple wireless networks like 3G and others. The Kindle is now available to people in over 100 countries, including Australia.

But how does the Kindle work in Australia? Before you rush out and buy a Kindle down under, consider the following..

How To Find the Australian Kindle

In order to purchase a Kindle for shipment to Australia you simply head to the main product page for the Kindle 2 and click on the link that reads “Live outside the U.S.?” Select “Australia” from the drop-down menu and you’ll be directed to the right place.


Australian Kindle customers enjoy the 60 second download time available to Americans and others, and Amazon’s Whispernet is available all over Australia via 3G wireless, so you won’t have to hunting down a Wi-Fi hotspot anymore.

Remember that publishing law prohibits Amazon from simply granting access to their entire eBook library to people outside of the US — but Australian customers have access to over 310,000 eBooks to choose from in the Kindle store. As expected, Amazon is working with publishers to grant greater access to their download library.

The pricing system differs slightly in Australia — expect New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases to cost $11.99 American ($13.03 Australian) while 125,000 other titles will run you just $5.99 American ($6.51 Australian). Remember that all prices you see on the Kindle store are given in US dollars.


There is one big problem for Australian Kindle customers — the Kindle does not ship with a power adapter for charging the device. American power outlets are different from those in Australia, and Amazon is not currently producing an Australian power cord. In Australia you will have to use your computer to charge your device via USB. The big downside here is that you’ll have to have a home computer to use the Kindle. On the bright side, The Kindle 2 has an long battery life making the device capable of going as long as a week without a recharge.

You will have the option of transferring your files wirelessly to your device rather than plugging it into a computer and transferring the data that way — but the downside is that Amazon’s Whispernet service will cost you $.99 per megabyte.

Access to blogs and other websites is not yet available in Australia over the Kindle but you will have free access to Wikipedia.

The Kindle 2 is an innovative toy and educational tool. How does the Kindle work in Australia? Just fine, if you’re willing to make a few concessions.

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