Kindle Covers and Cases

Kindle Covers and Cases

Amazon’s Kindle is popular. If you got your hands on one, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is get a good Kindle case, or cover. You want to protect your investment, and a cover is the best way to keep the dings and scratches at bay. (Please note that all of the Kindle covers and cases mentioned in this post were available at these prices as of January, 2010, but those prices and availability could have changed since then.)

Not only are Kindle covers and cases important for protecting the device, you can express your sense of style. When considering which of the many Kindle covers and cases are available, think about where and for what you’ll be using it. This will help you decide between a case with a beautiful form and one with a little more function.
Kindle Covers and Cases

The following are five of the most popular Kindle covers and cases on the market. All are available online, some right at

Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover: $29.99

This is the official leather case created especially for the Kindle 2 by Amazon, and if you don’t mind having another big, obvious logo for the online bookseller on your device, it’s well worth the price. The case is stylish without being cute or flashy, and it will give your Kindle the discreet look of a leather journal or Moleskine notebook.

This case is secure, keeping your device in place with several small hinges that are designed to fit the Kindle 2. You won’t have to worry about your Kindle sliding out as might happen with a similar case that just used elastic straps for this purpose. The soft interior protects the Kindle from scratches while leaving all buttons and ports accessible, so you don’t have to take the device out of the case to charge it.

Amazon’s Kindle 2 Leather Cover is available for purchase at You can order one when you get your Kindle, to be certain they arrive together.

ProTec Neoprene Sport Covers: $24.95

The ProTec line of sporty covers for the Kindle are made of a ballistic nylon to protect your device from the types of scratches and dings it might get while banging about inside a backpack or large purse. This is the perfect case for the person who likes to use the Kindle’s text-to-speech function while jogging, or for someone who likes to take their device for reading at the beach.

Available in black, gray, and a sporty lime green, the ProTec covers offer cushioned protection and include a deep inner pocket for bringing along a charging cable. The case zips closed, keeping out lint and dust. The nylon exterior is strong enough to take scrapes without marking the surface of your Kindle as a leather cover might.

The ProTec covers are also available for purchase at

Bobarra Covers: $45 – $54

Bobarra is a small business specializing in fabric and leather covers for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX (as well as some adorable laptop bags). They offer fabric covers in a variety of prints, as well as luxe and upscale-looking leather covers.

The leather covers come with the option of choosing several different closures, from a simple book-like encasing, to a magnetic closure, to a stylish tab closure. The fabric covers  feature Bobarra’s signature scalloped flap design for a touch of romance. Each design is named after a historic writer.

These covers are beautiful and handcrafted, and if you’re really looking to lavish some attention on your Kindle, this might be the way to indulge yourself.

Waterfield Cases for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX: $27 – $49

Waterfield makes three types of cases designed to fit Kindle devices. Each is well crafted and offers excellent protection for your device, and while they aren’t as pretty or stylish as the Bobarra covers, they do offer a rugged degree of protection.

The Slip Case is a slim, padded sheath, and it contains an inner plastic sheet that protects the Kindle’s screen in case of impact. This would be excellent for protecting your Kindle if you carry it within another bag, like a briefcase or laptop bag. The Sleeve Case is more protective, and includes some inner pockets as well as an outer flap and a carrying strap.

The Travel Case is perfect if you’re going to be taking your Kindle on longer trips. Thin and easy to pack, the Travel Case keeps your device safe while still allowing space for chargers, headphones, and other Kindle accessories in one place.

Kindle Chaos Ultra VU Shells: $19.95

Kindle Chaos makes a selection of cases, but their Ultra VU shells are the colorful standouts. The hard, clear plastic design makes the colors pop against the Kindle’s white exterior. The two-piece construction (similar to your average cell phone case) promises to protect your Kindle from drops and dings, and each case comes with a bonus screen protector.

However, the “kickstand” feature makes this case unique. Each Kindle Chaos shell has a small piece of plastic that flips outwards from the back, allowing you to prop up your device for hands-free reading. This allows you to do everything from reading recipes from a cookbook while preparing food to reading from a textbook while typing a research paper.

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