Kindle Deals, Discounts, and Best Prices

Kindle Deals, Discounts, and Best Prices

Amazon’s eBook reader Kindle features an electronic paper display, a super-thin body, and hundreds of thousands of book titles available for download from the Kindle store. Amazon’s asking price, as of January 2010, is $259 for the Kindle 2. The most popular books cost $9.99 to download too. So who could blame you for searching for Kindle deals, Kindle discounts, and best prices on Kindles?

The Original Kindle

Amazon no longer sells their original Kindle reader, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. The first-generation Kindle was a good device and even featured an SD memory card for easy memory expansion — lots of people still want that capability. Used first-generation Kindles can still be found online at

, and they usually cost around $100. Of course, any time you buy used electronics online, caveat emptor–buyer beware.

Make sure you buy your Kindle from high-rated sellers or people that you trust. If you can find a Kindle with the original box and all the cables you’ll be even better off. Buying a used or still-new-in-the box original Kindle is one of the best ways to get a Kindle deal.

The Kindle 2, US-only version

Discounts and the best prices on the Kindle 2 are rare but they do exist. Amazon released the first Kindle 2 in February 2009. This version was able to download eBook titles using Amazon’s Whispernet Internet service. In October of 2009, Amazon released an international version of the Kindle 2, which was able to access Whispernet in many countries via 3G wireless.

Kindle Deals and Discounts

Kindle Deals and Discounts

After the release of the international version, Amazon stopped making new units of the US-only Kindle 2. Just like with the original Kindle, you can still find used or refurbished units at a nice discount. As of January 2010, used models of the US-only Kindle 2 are available for purchase on for as little as $229. Amazon says they will continue to support Whispernet for the US-only Kindle 2, so if you’re in the US this is a good way to get a discount on what is essentially the same device as a new Kindle 2.

Kindle eBooks

Whichever model you decide to buy, once you purchase your used or discounted Kindle device you’ll want to start loading it up with books. While the $9.99 charged by Amazon for new releases and New York Times bestsellers is still cheaper than what you’d pay for a hardback, there are other ways to save cash on eBooks at the Kindle store.

Many of the best books available on Kindle are just a few cents or even completely free, and you can’t get a better deal than that. If you’re an English major, your Kindle will pay for itself in no time. All of Shakespeare’s plays are free on the Kindle. Maybe you’re addicted to romance novels? There are countless titles available for download less than a dollar. Not to mention that it is easy to hide your romance novel habit on a Kindle.

The best way to browse free and cheap titles at the Kindle store is to sort your search results by “Price: Low to High.” You’ll be surprised by what you find.

In today’s bad economy, you might not think you can afford a Kindle, but if you use some smart shopping and common sense it will be easy to find deals, discounts, and low prices on the Kindle tech you crave.

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