What Is an Aztak EZ Reader, and How Does It Work?

What is an Aztak EZ Reader, and how does it work?

The Aztak EZ Reader is an eBook reader device that is relatively low-cost and very user friendly. These devices stand in contrast to Amazon’s Kindle (the EZ Reader is over $100 cheaper) which throws in a lot of features that many people don’t mind sacrificing for a lower price.

The EZ Reader is known for being the energy efficient and affordable version of popular eBook readers.

Aztak EZ Reader Pluses
Aztak EZ Reader

There’s a lot to love about the Aztak, especially considering it is a piece of “budget technology”.

The EZ Reader supports multiple file formats, some that the Kindle doesn’t support. With the EZ Reader, you can use DOC, PDF, JPG, MP3, TXT, HTML, and plenty of other formats that you won’t get with Amazon’s flashy machine.

The built-in anti-glare feature of the screen is not very hard on the eyes, even if the color display is limited.

Not only is the EZ Reader thinner than you may expect for the price (about$200), it is lightweight, at far less than 200 grams, meaning it is easy to use on the go.

Aztak has provided an embedded NAND flash memory so you can store hundreds of your favorite books. There’s also an expansion SD card slot to increase your storage capacity by 4 GB

Don’t say the EZ Reader is a power lightweight — you can read up to 8,000 pages on a single battery charge. That means you have a longer battery life than the Kindle, and a much longer life than similar off-brand eBook readers.

Many web freaks are excited about the native PDF support, so you can read documents created in the super popular PDF format right on your eReader, instead of sending them off to customer service to have them converted for you, as you must do with the Kindle.

Aztak EZ Reader Minuses

I hate the EZ Reader’s display. It is only 5 inches in size (an inch less than Amazon’s model of eBook reader) and displays in lame four-color grayscale. To get an idea of what you’re missing with 4-color gray, the Kindle 2 displays in 16 color gray scale, and the newest Kindle shows off even more colors than that.

The EZ Reader is also a chunkier machine — both in weight and in speed. It clunks along at 200 mHz while the Kindle 2 displays a muscular 532 mHz.

The EZ Reader also llmits your display options to a great degree, with only 3 font and zoom sizes — one of which must be read in landscape format.

Not everyone will benefit from the features that the EZ reader has that are cool. If you don’t read for long chunks of time,you may never need the super long battery. If you don’t ever use .PDF files, you won’t find the pdf file format compatability useful, but this device is a real oddity in the world of new tech — it is cheaper, and contains some upgrades from the industry leading tech.

The bottom line — if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the latest Kindle eBook reader, go for the Aztak EZ Reader.

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