Where Can I Get Discount Christian Books?

There are many venues available for the Christian book enthusiast looking to save a little cash. Whether you’re searching out the perfect Bible for a relative’s birthday or Christmas present, a Christian-themed novel or inspirational book, or study guides designed with Christians in mind, Christian book discount stores offer you the products you want at prices you won’t mind paying.

Christian Book Stores

Christian book retail stores like Mardel have conveniently located stores where you can browse a giant selection of materials aimed at the Christian consumer. Mardel has thirty-three store locations in six states, with most of their locations in Texas. The nice thing about browsing a big Christian book retailer like Mardel is you can take your time and soak up all there is to see rather than feeling like you have to zero in on a specific item when shopping online. The Mardel experience is like no other for Christians looking for inspirational or faith-specific material — the stores are huge, and there are plenty of salespeople and cashiers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Retail stores like Mardel may not offer year-round discounts on all Christian books and other items, but they are constantly having some kind of sale on a part of their merchandise. Right now, for instance, the online version of Mardel is offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more, as well as free name imprinting on most Bibles, and a wide range of Christian books on sale for under twelve dollars. I’d imagine that if you were to enter a Mardel retail store, you’d find equivalent sales and deals on your favorite Christian reading materials and supplies.

LifeWay Christian Stores is an even larger retailer of Christian books and supplies, operating in over 20 states with hundreds of retail store locations. The stores may be a bit smaller than the giant Mardel retail spots, but the sheer number of them means they can offer different sales and a more specific set of materials. Right now, select LifeWay Christian Stores are offering a wide range of gifts for under $10, in specific categories like “Gifts for Men”, “Gift for Women”, “Gifts for Dads”, etc. You can also find select Christian books, such as Tony Dungy’s new autobiography “Quiet Strength” for less than half the cover price.

There are plenty of other Christian book retailers that offer seasonal discounts on Christian materials — some larger, some smaller. They key to finding discount Christian books and reading materials is spending a bit of time looking in different locations. You never have to pay full cover price for your favorite Christian book.

Online Christian Book Retailers


If you simply can’t find the book, video, Bible, or set of inspirational materials you want at a reasonable price after looking in Christian book retail stores, you have a whole universe of online Christian stores to shop. Besides the aforementioned online presence of bricks and mortar Christian book stores, there are any number of Christian-themed online retailers.

At online venues like ChristianBook.com, the lack of a retail store means you’ll find different savings, a wider range of items, and unique sale opportunities. Looking for Guitar Praise, the Christian equivalent to Guitar Hero? ChristianBook.com has it right now for just under $110 — that’s a savings of $50 over other retailers. ChristianBook.com has hard to find Christian materials, such as textbooks and school aids written from a Christian theological perspective (perfect for homeschooling or at-home tutorials) and a huge variety of concordances and study guides. At the other end of the cost spectrum, retailers like ChristianBook.com have the ability to offer smaller titles like Christian-themed computer games for under $1 — probably because they buy in bulk and ship directly to their customers.

There’s another option for discount Christian books that many people shy away from — online retailers like Amazon.com or even eBay, and non-Christian specific retailers like Barnes and Noble or Borders. Many Christians think that they need to support their local Christian bookstore because these companies are run by Christians — and customers assume that Christian values and principles are taught there, and they are charged with the mission of supporting their local Christian community. But if you live in an area without easy access to a Christian book store, you may need to use an alternative retailer.

Amazon.com has an entire Christian section of their online book retail environment, and their variety of Christian materials is even further categorized by faith, topic, and even the type of book you’re looking for. Unfortunately, they don’t offer discounts on these books, at least not as deeply discounted as Christian bookstores. Barnes and Noble’s “Faith and Spirituality” or “Religion” section is touch and go as far as their selection of discount Christian books, but their online presence has a wide enough selection to merit a trip. Other, smaller book retailers have an even smaller variety of Christian-themed materials, such as Books a Million, which doesn’t even offer a Christian book category, instead forcing you to search by the title or author.

Buy As a Group

Many Christian bookstores (or even non Christian specific retailers) will offer you a larger discount if you place a bulk order for a specific title. If there’s a group at your church that really wants to read a specific title, either for Sunday school, a men’s or women’s group, or just to use as a daily devotional or add-on to your Bible study, get together as one unit and place an order together. You’ll save money on overall cost as well as shipping.

Finding discount Christian books and other reading materials doesn’t have to mean fighting for a parking spot, spending all day in a cramped, understocked store during the peak of the Christmas rush, or settling for whatever gift is on sale online — you can find discount Christian materials almost anywhere that books or reading materials are sold.