How to Ask for a Pay Raise?

You are currently working at a job and have decided that you deserve a pay raise?  How do you ask for a pay raise?

Do Your Market Research Before You Ask for a Pay Raise

  • It is important to perform market research to find out how much the job you are currently performing is worth.  It is also important to find out how much you are worth professionally.,, and are some good sites to help determine the value of a job and the value of you as a professional.
  • Obtain recent copies of personal performance appraisals if applicable.
  • Obtain copies of any company awards won, personal recognition letters or emails from supervisors, clients, or co-workers, etc.
  • Research the company policy regarding pay raises.  Some employers can only give pay raises at certain times of the year, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Make sure you know exactly what salary you are wanting and make sure you can justify asking for that amount.  Always remain flexible however.  If your employer cannot give you a pay raise, would you accept something else instead (extra vacation, flex time, etc)?
  • Create a salary proposal.  This should include your market research in regards to the position itself and you as a professional, company revenue you have earned, company money you have saved, customer satisfaction details, deadlines you have met, solutions you have implemented, services you have improved, extra hours you voluntarily work, etc.  You should also outline your soft skills including your initiative, work ethic, enthusiasm, etc.
  • Consider asking for more work responsibilities in order to justify your pay raise.
  • Arrange a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your salary at a day and time that is convenient for them.  You can ask for a salary meeting in a letter that outlines some highlights of your salary proposal.

Important Things To Remember While Asking for a Pay Raise

  • ask-for-raise
    It is important to remember that you need to prove why you deserve a pay raise and not simply just ask for one with no logical explanation as to why you are requesting one.
  • I would suggest writing out your salary proposal and bringing it with you to your in person salary negotiation meeting or having it with you for your telephone salary negotiation meeting in order to ask for your pay raise the way you initially planned to.
  • Make sure you bring copies of all your market research materials you obtained during your research to your salary meeting with your supervisor.
  • Remember that if you do not receive a pay raise, try negotiating for other perks including more vacation, performance bonuses, etc.

Incorrect Things To Do While Asking for a Pay Raise

  • Do not make demands, threats, or ultimatums.  If you do this, your pay raise is likely to be denied.
  • Do not get emotional.  Remember that this is not personal, it is business.
  • Do not go over your supervisor’s head to ask for a pay raise.  Go to your immediate supervisor first and let them explain the next step to you.