How to Become a Defensive Driving Instructor?

My initial response to this would be that nerves of steel would be needed to become a defensive driving instructor. However, I am sure that is not the response that you want. The goal of a defensive driving instructor is to teach how to properly drive an automobile or how to improve the current driving skills while trying to prevent accidents. A good attitude, positive mindset, and patience is definitely needed for anyone considering one of these programs. Many courses can be found all over the country and instructors will be provided with the information necessary to become efficient, safe, and aware of different situations that may rise while teaching on the road. Courses can be found online which can be taught through videos or CD’s or you can even find traditional courses taught in classrooms with a more hands on approach.

How to Get Licensed as a Defensive Driving Instructor


It is important to note that each state will be different in what is required as far as licensing a defensive driving instructor and what it will take to achieve the licenses. It is important to contact the individuals in charge of the program to better know what will be required of you. There is a few things that you can be sure that will be needed such as:

  • Proper Identification
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A good driving record is absolutely necessary. Again, each state may ask for different requirements but you will want to be sure not to have and license suspensions, major moving violations, or DUI’s on your report.
  • Since you are dealing with the public it is important not to have any felonies or convictions.
  • References will more than likely be checked and it will be determined if you have the characteristics needed to do the job.

Although many things are taught in class it will help to have some patience and teaching ability. You will also learn about the learning needs of an adult, more effective teaching skills, and some assertiveness and administrative responsibility. Other necessary skills that will be taught are defensive driving, road rage, and how to prevent accidents. In a nutshell, you will be taught how to deal with other adults while in stressful situations and will have to stay calm and cool while being able to project a safe driving atmosphere.

Please keep in mind that any bad habits you may have related to driving may need to be corrected prior to becoming an instructor. It is important to be a leader and a good role model. It will be important to follow all laws required in your area and will include things such as wearing your seat belt, speeding, aggressive driving or road rage, running red lights, and so forth. Although you may be teaching adults, they will still pick up on what they are taught.

So in short, it is very important to realize that it is not just about teaching how to drive, but how to drive well. This can be affected by many things such as mood, current driving conditions, and traffic. You must be able to handle all of these conditions and also show your student how to as well. If you can do all of this and meet the requirements needed by the state, you should have no problem becoming a Defensive Driving Instructor.

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