How to Deal with Boredom at Work?

If you work in an office or a cubicle, it’s pretty natural to get bored looking at the same four walls every day. Dealing with boredom at work becomes part of your job description, so to be a good employee, you have to learn how to deal with boredom while keeping your job performance at an acceptable level. Now, there are positive ways and negative ways to deal with a boring job, so let’s try to focus on the creative ways you can deal with boredom in your workplace.

Creative Ways
to Fight and Beat Boredom in the Workplace

Now, there are positive ways and negative ways to deal with a boring job, so let’s try to focus on the creative ways you can deal with boredom in your workplace.

1. Build Relationships With Co-Workers

Misery loves company and it helps if you have a friend or two among your coworkers. If you can look forward to getting a laugh or two at work, that helps you make it through the day. I’m not suggesting your group of friends goof off all day when you should be working, but simply having a person or two who helps alleviate the everyday boredom of the job will help. Find people you have something in common with. Have activities outside of work you do together, so you don’t entirely associate your work friends with workplace boredom.

2. Set Work Goals


Set up work goals for you to attain. If you’re looking for short-term goals, make them job-performance related. Increase the volume of your work, or increase the quality of your work. Either way, figure out a way you can improve your job performance and make the effort to do that. Make your job a game with a score. If you succeed at your short term goals, make certain to reward yourself with something outside the job.

For long term work goals, talk to your supervisor and find out what promotions might be open to you. Ask your boss how best to aspire to newer or better jobs in the company, then work towards those job goals. Giving yourself a motivation beyond making it until quitting time gives you something to make it through the boring times in your job. You may have to take night courses or an online college course to increase your job skills, but this will help your job prospects even if you don’t get that promotion at work.

3. Get a Mentor

Find someone around the workplace you respect and ask them if they would mentor you at your job. This should be someone who knows the job and the office better than you, and who has been at their job longer than you have. This might seem like an odd ploy, but even if the person doesn’t agree to the relationship, they will be flattered by the request.

Building relationships with co-workers is important. Setting a goal in your career is important. A mentor relationship might sound strange at first, but it actually fulfills both conditions of the previous two tips. The mentor will give you insight into your job that might relieve you of some of your boredom, and you’ll have someone who keep you on your toes if you are unengaged at work or you lack motivation in your job.

4. Find Other Niches at Your Workplace

Find out what other programs your company has that you can get involved in. Most companies have community-outreach programs and activities. Find out what your company’s extra activities are and volunteer for one of them. This looks good on your resume and also gets you more engaged in what is going on at your work. Also, you’ll probably meet co-workers you would have never gotten to know otherwise.

5. Plan Special Events at Work

It’s good to have occasional work parties to alleviate some of the boredom in the office. Have a monthly birthday celebration for everyone at work who had a birthday that month. You don’t have to have an expensive get-together, but something that brings the office co-workers together and gets them talking about something besides work should help. If you want to take it to the next level, have a similar celebration after work.

Dealing With Boredom After Work Tips

Here are some after work tips for dealing with boredom.

1. Listen to a Book

Instead of listening to the same old tunes or talk radio on the way home from work, listen to an audio book on CD. This stimulates your mind and takes you to someplace besides the car right in front of you in the traffic jam. Your drive to and from work every day is part of your work schedule, so you should try to find ways to avoid boredom on your drive home from work.

2. Have Somewhere to Be

Get an activity or hobby you do right after work. This gives you something to look forward to immediately after work is over. This may not help you with boredom at work, but often, work boredom is part of a bigger problem: boredom in our personal lives. Make certain you have an exciting hobby or some other activity to look forward to after work. As a secondary benefit, this makes your conversations at work more interesting, because you have an icebreaker for conversations with co-workers.

3. Get an Exercise Routine

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain that relieves stress and pain. I (and others) would suggest that regular exercise helps relieve depression, which is often the cause or the result of boredom. When you exercise, your brain is more active and your blood flow quickens. This gets rids of a lot of the stresses that build up every day at your work, and it gets your mind thinking more clearly. You’ll have more energy for those long hours of boredom at work, so you will that extra bit of energy it takes to do everything else on this list.

4. Find a New Job

If you do everything else on this list to deal with boredom at work and none of the help relieve boredom in the workplace, then you have to consider finding a new job. I’m not suggesting you up-and-quit your job one day. Have an exit strategy for your job. Search around, however long it takes, to find a new job that you believe you will enjoy more and will be less boring. When you find that job, take it and don’t look back.

Every job is not for every person. People have different ideas of fun and different skill sets. If your current job bores you out of your mind, you’re probably not going to do that job as well as someone who is engaged by the task. You probably won’t be as good of an employee if you are bored your entire time at work, so find a job that doesn’t bore you. Sometimes, that’s the best way to deal with boredom at work.

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