How to Speed up a Job Search

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In order to speed up your job search, do not solely rely on one medium to search for an opportunity but rather diversify your efforts. As an agency recruiter during these times, more than half of my day is spent working with candidates as a career counselor. Helping candidates speed up a job search has become a daily task. It can be very discouraging to look for a job in this market and the last thing a job seeker should do is what everyone else is doing. With so many qualified candidates on the market, competition is tough and one must do what he can to differentiate himself. The following are a few ideas to help speed up your job search.

Attend Networking Events To Speed Up Your Job Search

Regardless of a job seeker’s trade, there is a plethora of networking events you can attend to speed up your job search. This includes Job Fairs, User Group Meetings, Conferences and other miscellaneous professional networks. This medium is effective because of the face time obtained with potential co-workers and even hiring managers. It goes without saying; treat everyone with respect and courtesy. You never know who will be able to connect you to the job of your dreams. Candidates who have landed a job through their own independent efforts have almost always done it through referrals. This is proof that attending networking events can help speed up your job search.

Speed up Your Job Search by Using Recruiters

Working in the trenches of the Staffing Industry, I know first hand how recruiters can be viewed negatively. Recruiters can help speed up your job search as long as you use them as a resource to supplement your own independent job search. Lack of follow up is one of the most prevalent complaints about recruiters. Since a recruiter could be working with more than 100 candidates at any given time, it is not wonder how some job seekers can get lost in the shuffle. This is where professional periodic follow up is essential. If possible, meet with them face to face and build a relationship.

Make sure they become aware of your most marketable attributes and accomplishments. After all, they will be your liaison to their clients and are responsible for speaking intelligently on your behalf. The benefit of interviewing with an Agency is that they can truly tap you into jobs that are not advertised on the job boards. These “hidden” jobs are presented first to candidates already in a recruiter’s professional network. Speeding up your job search by using a Recruiter is a common practice used by many different professional classes. Recruiters can help job seekers find positions in Accounting, Finance, Management, Information Technology, Administrative, Clerical, Medical and more.

Speeding Up Your Job Search after Applying Online


The internet can seem like a black hole at times when applying for online postings. Try speeding up your job search by taking things a step further and contacting the ultimate decision maker. After applying online to a position, speed up your job search by researching the company and find key managers in the organization. Develop an “elevator pitch” about yourself that is clear and succinct. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes when you develop this pitch. Ask yourself, “Why should this manager hire me?” Use social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, or even Myspace to make a warm connection with your target employer. This may seem like a bold move, but it is a proven agency technique to creatively speed up a job search.