Questions to Ask During an Interview

Questions To Ask During a Job Interview

When you go on a job interview, you should have questions to ask of your potential employer. Asking questions during an interview demonstrates preparation and initiative.

Knowing what to ask – and what not to ask – during a job interview can be difficult, though, so here are questions to ask during a job interview.

1. Prepare a List of Questions

Consider the job you are interviewing for. What questions come to mind about that job? Prepare a short list of questions that come to mind when considering this job option.

2. Prepare For the Job Interview – Questions Not To Ask During An Interview

Go to your potential employer’s website. Read the site, focusing on the “Frequently Asked Questions”, “Company News” and “About Us” sections. If any of the questions on your list were answered by reading the site, mark them off your list. If you ask these questions anyway, you’re wasting the interviewer’s time and demonstrating that you didn’t prepare well.

3. Ask For Clarifications

From reading the company website, you’ll come up with other questions. Jot these down. You might also want clarification on certain answers, so jot down new questions that are raised by reading the company site. At the interview, tell the interviewer, “Your website said…. Could I get a clarification about…”.

4. Don’t Be the First To Bring Up Money

Don’t ask questions about money until the interviewer brings up the subject. Asking money questions too soon makes it look like that’s all you’re interested in. Ask your money questions, after the interviewer brings up compensation, .

5. Don’t Be The First To Bring Up Benefits

Along the same lines, don’t be the first to bring up the company’s benefits package. This indicates you’re more interested in the money/benefits than doing the work, or that’s where your mind is focused. Sure, everyone is at a job to take care of their material needs, but when you’re at a job interview, you should impress the interviewer more with how interested you are in doing a good job, and focus less on what you get out of the job.

Questions To Ask During An Interview

With those five suggestions in mind, here are specific questions to ask during a job interview.  In two broad categories, you can ask about your specific job description or the company/management policies of your new employer.

Questions To Ask About Your Job

Here are some questions that focus on you, which show you’re conscientious about how you will perform your job and fit into their organizational structure.

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
  • What kind of equipment and/or software will I need to use?
  • What skills and traits will I need to succeed at this position?
  • What is the organizational structure of your company? (That is, who will be your supervisor.)
  • How will my job performance be measured? Who will measure my job performance?

Questions To Ask About The Company

These questions show an interest in the company: what kind of people they hire, and the training they offer.

  • What are your company’s relative strengths and weaknesses compared to its main competitor?
  • What is your company’s policy on training and seminars to increase job efficiency?
  • Could you describe this company’s idea of an ideal employee?
  • Could you describe this company’s management style? What kind of employee fits in well at this workplace?
  • What is your company’s policy on transfer to other cities/regions?

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