What Are Career Goals?

Career goals can be any number of things. Setting career goals can keep you from becoming unhappy with your career — it is as simple as that. Reasons for becoming unhappy at work are many — maybe you have problems with your work schedule, issues with some of the co-workers in your office, or major confrontations with your boss. In reality, these are just excuses. If you set short term and long term career goals, and meet the objectives you set, you may find yourself suddenly very happy with your chosen career.

The problem is knowing how to set career goals, and understanding exactly what they are.

Examples of Career Goals

Adding Personal Skills

Any person in any job should be able to increase their knowledge, resources, and skill set in order to offer better options and business plans to their clients. If you set your sights on upgrading your knowledge about your particular field, you will grow as a professional, potentially earn promotions and respect of your boss, and just generally be happier at work.

Job Satisfaction

If you aren’t satisfied with your job, you’re going to perform poorly, that’s the bottom line. A major career goal should be to start enjoying your job. That means being satisfied with your job, whether that satisfaction comes from a paycheck, helping your customers, or just doing a job that you’re sure is the best you can do. Becoming satisfied with your job is the first step in improving your outlook on work and putting a smile on your face in the office. Remember — smiles and happiness are infection, so improving your sense of job satisfaction could potentially improve the output of all the employees in your office. Being satisfied with the job you’re doing is a career goal you can accomplish on a daily basis.

Making Your Job a New Experience

Getting bored by doing the same old thing day after day is part of being human. Since it is estimated that human beings spend 75% of their lives working, it makes sense that one of your career goals should be to have a wide variety of experiences at the professional level. All people like to learn new things and gain new experience, and often your new attitude and new experiences could lead to more respect from a boss and higher pay. Meeting new people, having new cultural experiences, and just generally exposing yourself to new things will only increase your level of tolerance with nasty or difficult coworkers and change your perspective on your career.

Books About Setting Career Goals

Achieving Objectives Made Easy! Practical Goal Setting Tools, Raymond Le Blanc

Author Raymond Le Blanc offers some seriously powerful advice on time management and goal setting techniques. Not just applicable to work situations, these goal setting tactics can influence every area of your life-from home to school to work. This book is written in a down to earth style that makes it easy to read cover to cover in no time. This book will help you build a mission or a vision for both your career and your personal life, by teaching you strategies for setting and achieving career and life goals. Learn to replace bad habits with good ones that will ensure you succeed at any venture. Are you a procrastinator who can’t seem to turn their dreams into reality? Le Blanc’s book could be the kick start you need to take control of your life and set career and persona goals.

Goals! How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, Brian Tracy

Though this title is only available on the Amazon Kindle device, it is worth picking up a digital copy if only for the help it will provide in setting career goals. This book is for particularly “go get em” type of people who don’t mind working hard to get ahead in life. Author Brian Tracy tells it like it is in simple yet powerful plain English, and describes methods for self improvement that have worked for millions of his readers..Outlined in 21 strategies this book helps you set and reach any goal that you can imagine.

How to Set Goals For Your Future Career

Written by a commitee known only as Career Success Secrets, this ten step guide to planning for a successful future career in just about any field is a quick read. Some of the ten steps outlined include “Making Career Goals a Part of Your Everyday Life”, “Mapping Your Career Path”, “Learning Your Likes and Dislikes”, and “Review Career and Job Trends”. A simple, slim text you can keep in your office desk, this text is essential to the everyday worker who just wants to learn how to set and achieve career goals.

Motivation and Goal Setting, Jim Cairo

Jim Cairo is a self help guru whose “Motivation and Goal Setting” is an audiobook aimed at listeners who want to examine their personal and professional goals and make changes to make their lives even more rich and interesting. Full of motivational tools and even mantras that you can put into practice right, this audio book will help make even the loftiest goals a reality.

Career Achievment: Growing Your Goals, Karine Blackett

This somewhat expensive career goal and life goal text (currently selling for over $60 on Amazon) features world renowned life coach Kari Blackett’s advice on how to personally and professionally achieve any goals you can set. All aspects of career management are included here, from basic goal setting and resume-writing to greater abilities to network and interact with co-workers. This is an ideal text for older businesspeople trying to keep up with modern tactics, as well as people new to the job force who want a leg up on the competition.

Career goals are important for myriad reasons — you don’t want to feel like you’re stuck in a rut, career goals are the best way to advance yourself at work, and setting and achieving career goals gives you a more positive outlook on life. Check out some of the books listed above and start setting career goals today.