What Careers Are Available in Business?

The field of business offers a wide variety of careers for all personality types. You don’t need to be a salesman to succeed in a business career; in some cases, you don’t even need a high school degree. But to succeed in business without a high school degree, you will need to be highly focused and motivated. For those of us with less than stellar business acumen, a college education is the best way to find a career available in business.


Sales is the career than most symbolizes business. These individuals are needed to go out into the world and bring back new customers and clients. The success of a company can be directly tied to the effectiveness of its sales force. Salesmen need to have exceptional people skills. Salesmen need not have college degrees to succeed, only the power of persuasion.

Salespeople use many different methods to succeed and the formula for success is often different for each. In the end it comes down to being likeable and offering something of value to customers. In sales meetings, the focus is often on topics that have nothing to do with the product being sold. It is about connecting with others in an engaging and compelling way that makes them want to buy a product from you.

A good salesmen knows how not to pitch. A sales pitch is the quickest way to lose a sale. Instead, these professionals know how to get customers to ask the right questions that get them interested in the product. Customers come to see how the product can benefit their lives and come to the buying decision on their own. Selling is about finessing the conversation so that the benefits of the product can be seen and the customer can decide to make a purchase without the salesman every asking the customer to buy.

Human Resources

Every business also has workers. This is where human resource professionals become important. Human resources professionals are those who work within a company to manage recruitment, compensation, performance evaluation, worker relations and staff planning. As regulations relating to the way businesses interact with their workers become more complex, businesses are increasingly inclined to hire those who have a college degree to work in human resources, but there are still many working in human resources with only high school diplomas who have worked their way into the field from administrative positions.

Accounting Careers

Every business needs accountants. Accounting allows managers to analyze a company’s financial position and strategize towards future growth. Accountants are vital to tax planning as well. While accounting may not offer the glamour of a high-powered career in sales, it does offer a steady, well paying job. Accounts often enjoy the freedom of working from home by running their own accountancy firms. Accountants can also go on to do financial reporting, financial management, auditing, and asset allocation. Gaining entry into this field requires a Bachelor’s degree in finance or economics.


Marketing is another high demand career in business. Every company needs to promote itself to gain more clients and greater profits. Marketers handle the planning, execution, promotion, and distribution of communications aimed at increasing a company’s client base. Marketing is a wide field, offering careers in advertising, public relations, market research and product management. In order to succeed in this field, workers must have excellent communication and strategic planning skills. A business degree is necessary to find work as a marketer.

International Business Management and Administration

Business management is a broad field, encompassing all aspects of a company’s workings. Managers are needed in human resources, marketing and executive positions. The most attractive aspect in management is the great pay. Top managers are paid many times the pay of other professionals within a company. Management is also attractive for the prestige and power top executives enjoy. There is a great sense of personal accomplishment to be had in steering a company towards success.

Management does have its downsides, which is why not everyone pursues this career field. Being at the top is a lonely place and competition for top positions can be fierce. Managers must make very difficult decisions, possibly laying off thousands of people for the sake of the company’s financial future. Managers carry a great weight on their shoulders, knowing they are responsible for the livelihood of the hundreds and often thousands of people working below them. Managers must be able to take risks and be patient in seeking their efforts come to fruiting. Goals can take years to accomplish.

Another downside to management is the legal liability. These executives can be held accountable for failings that lead to problems for the workers within the company. Think of Enron and you immediately understand the pressures inherent in management.

Business Ethics

Ethics in business are becoming an increasingly important field of study as the entire world feels the negative impact of business mismanagement in the financial sector. Business ethicists look at various moral problems a business setting. They analyze the obligations and duties that businesses have to their workers and the public. A Director of Compliance and Ethics will be responsible for guiding and supporting functions in all business divisions. This individual will conduct periodic reviews of ethics and regulatory compliance in business, and provide oversight for key departments where ethical risks are greatest.

Information Systems

In the Internet age, information systems professionals are needed everywhere. This is no longer a career only for those in computer science, but more tied to the business field than any other. Many companies now employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on the executive board. Businesses have learned to harness the power of information and data to target consumer bases, clients and new markets. Information assets are now considered valuable in the same way as real estate and investments. Information systems careers can be found in strategy, management and development.

Something for Everyone

Those who enjoy numbers and analytical work will most enjoy accounting and information systems. People who are great communicators will succeed in sales and marketing. Those who want to feel they make a difference in the world are well suited to management and business ethics. This wide range of business careers offers something for all.

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