Where Can You Find Job Listings Online?

Did you know that most of the internet traffic on the major job sites is on Mondays and Tuesdays? Why? I personally believe it is because when you are working at a job that you are not happy with, it is hard to think about facing another entire week at that job. So on Monday and Tuesday morning, you start looking for a better job. So where can you look? Where can you find job listings online?


Indeed is a great job search site that you can use to review multiple job listings from thousands of different company career sites and job boards all at once. It is very simple to use and you only have to enter a job title, keyword(s), or company. You can also enter a city or zip code to search for local positions. It is personally one of my favorite sites to use to find job listings online. This site was selected by Time Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Websites” for 2007.

Simply Hired

job-listings-onlineSimply Hired

is a job search site that is very similar to the indeed.com site. The way that you search for jobs, the search results, and even the layout of the site looks almost identical to the indeed.com site. You also search jobs on this site by entering a job title, keyword(s), or company. It also has the ability to narrow jobs by city or zip code to search for local job listings online.

Linkup & Jobster

Linkup and Jobster are two additional job search sites that pull job listings from company career sites and job boards in order for you to review them in one convenient location. The way you search for job listings online is similar to the indeed.com site and simplyhired.com site.

Twitter Job Search

Twitter Job Search is a really awesome site. You can search for keywords and it will pull job listings related to the information you enter. The results will also show you the different twitter accounts that are responsible for posting the listing. If you click on the different twitter accounts it will show you all the job listings posted by that twitter account. You will also have the option to follow that account on twitter and have all their job listings come up in your own personal twitter account.


LinkedIn is a great site not only for professional networking but for job searching too. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile created, I would suggest you create one. It is free and will increase your professional visibility. LinkedIn has a job section where you are able to search for job listings posted on linkedin.com by using job titles, keywords, and zip code proximity.

Job Hunt

Job Hunt is an excellent informative site created just for job seekers. Job-hunt.org was purchased by NETability, Inc. in 1998. NETability Inc is a web development and consulting company that specializes in search engine-friendly and user-friendly web sites. This site is jammed-packed with useful Internet-accessible job search resources and services on the web. It contains free e-books for job seekers, excellent job searching articles, hundreds to thousands of links to job openings, and many more additional job seeker resources.


Jigsaw is a great site for networking but I personally used it to find business cards of the individuals I was trying to get in contact with while job searching. When I was job searching and I came across a position that I was interested in, I would put the company name, manager name, etc into a jigsaw search and try to find out the contact information for the individual or company I was looking for. If the manager name was not listed on the job listing, I would search through the job titles on jigsaw for that particular company and then contact someone with a job title that I thought might be responsible for the job listing or in the department of that particular job listing.

Glass Door

Glass Door is an excellent site to research companies. This site lists personal reviews posted by employees regarding the company that they are working for or used to work for. This site will allow you to compare salaries that employees of companies post confidentially. They just added a new section that allows you to leave comments about your interview experiences with companies. It does list job openings for companies that are pulled from the indeed.com site.

Jibber Jobber

Jibber Jabber is a site that will help you to organize and manage your job search for free. You can track your personal and professional relationships, target companies, and jobs that you apply to. This is a fantastic tool to use during your job search to keep you organized and increase your productivity.