Where Can You Sell Artwork Online?

Selling your artwork can be a time-consuming and tedious affair of marketing and advertising to find the right buyer. You have to get your art out there to be seen by an audience. You even need to gain some prestige by being a member of a well-known art gallery. It is hard enough to sell artwork using traditional methods. In the old days, you often had to get an agent to represent you. It would be their job to promote your work. Art agents had all the right contacts and acted as the middle man. They also took a cut of whatever you sold. Luckily, the internet opens up a bigger avenue and gives you more options to find the right market. If you are interested in art as a business, there are several ways to use the internet to sell your work online.

Selling Artwork In Your Own Website

The most logical place to sell your artwork is from your own website. There are hundreds of individual artists who have their own site that displays their work. You can create a gallery to showcase your artwork along with information like size, materials used, and price. You can even divide up your gallery into original works and prints. One tip to selling is to write a detailed description that includes keywords that will show up in online searches.


There are two basic types of websites you can have. You can have a gallery with your own domain name and hosted by a premium webhosting company. By choosing a domain name suitable for you, it will be more likely to show up easier in online searches. Keywords  can also be used like we mentioned above. It will cost you a fee every month for the hosting but it can give you a huge amount of space to include a large number of images, a bio, links, and a shopping cart and check-out for selling your work. You can even set up Paypal and credit card payments through the site. You are likely to get the best price possible for your art by selling it directly from your website. No one else will be taking a cut out of it. Personal websites are also completely customizable to fit your needs.

The other type of website an artist can have to help sell their work is an artist’s blog. There are plenty of places to create a blog for free, such as WordPress.com. You can use a blog to write about your work, drop in a few images of your art, and to create a network of friends and potential clients. Blogs are great for driving online traffic to your site. If you have another website with a domain name and a larger gallery, you can link to it from your blog.

Sell Art at Auction Sites

Auction sites are a great place to sell your art. For one, they already have a large influx of customers that hit the site everyday looking to see the latest items for auction. If there is enough interest in your artwork, you can get a really good price from all of the bids. But if few people are bidding on your work, it may not bring the price you want (or it might not sell at all). So auction sites can be a bit risky if you want a solid price. If you want to sell your art at an online auction site, there are two main websites.

Ebay is the grandfather of all online auctions. It cost nothing to register and post items for sale. If your work does not sell in the allotted time (usually 6 days) then it doesn’t cost you anything. If your work should sell, then Ebay charges a fee from the price. Ebay draws in thousands of buyers every day but the categories are wide and there is no guarantee how many will be interested in bidding on art.

Etsy is another online site that is similar to Ebay but specifically for handmade original arts and crafts. Instead of bids, you can just buy the items and pay for the shipping. The site has a broad range of arts and crafts for various purposes so an artist should have no problem posting their work for sale.

Online Prints and Items Stores

There are many websites where you can sell inexpensive prints and other duplicates of your work. Your artwork can be printed on t-shirts, coffee cups, caps, greeting cards, and a number of other items. When you sell these items, the website takes out a fee for each sale. It is a good form of advertising for your work and a way to make a little money, too. Although there are many sites of this kind, three of the more popular ones are CafePress, RedBubble, and ImageKind. While CafePress probably has the wider assortment of items you can create, they all seem to have blogs and forums for their community of artists.

Other Online Galleries and Communities

There are tons of online galleries for the artistic communities. These galleries feature an assortment of artists who each have images displayed on their own page along with information about the individual artists and their works. Some of these community sites are better for networking and socializing while others you can actually sell your works from. Some of the larger sites include MyArtProfile, EBSQArt, and DevaintArt but there are many more out there. Just do an online search to find one that suits your style of art.

Link To Other Sites

Finally, another tool you can utilize to help sell your artwork is to link your site to other websites. Choose sites that would be appropriate to draw in potential customers. Chances are slim that you will find any art buyers by linking to a muscle car site. Set up your links at other art sites or anything that could be related to the type of art you do. The link will help to draw in traffic to your website and you will hopefully score a customer or two.

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