Where to Find Online Career Tests

Many people know they want to make a career change but have no idea where to begin. Making a change without a clear plan can lead you into another career that is just as disappointing as your current one. To ensure that you find work that is both profitable and rewarding, you should consider online career tests. These tests are about assessing your skills, interests and values, helping you make a well-informed decision on your new career choice. They have been designed by psychologists, teachers and employers to determine what you like and what you don’t, what inspires you and what you are good at.

A good place to start is by making a list of the parts of your job you love and other skills that you have and like to apply. Then make a list of those skills you want to keep out of your future job. Perhaps you dislike answering the phone. Maybe you would rather watch paint dry that continue standing in front of a register all day. Once you have a good idea of the career duties you want and those you do not want, you are ready to take some online career tests.

Career testing is not just for teenagers looking for direction. The economy is evolving as it begins to recover. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents and even hedge fund advisors are seeking new careers. These tests are perfect for finding the occupations best suited to your personality and working style.

Choosing a Test


Free job placement test are available all over the web. Choose one at a website you trust, like AOL. It is also a good idea to visit some web forums to see what others are saying about career tests that they took and their level of satisfaction with them. In some cases, these tests are used as nothing more than a marketing gimmick, so it is important to investigate the tests available and choose one that is dependable and truly free. You will often find a test that offers only basic and general information, and then requires you to pay a fee for the complete results.

Career tests will make some general career suggested based on your answers. Then it will take you through a personality test to help you choose the careers that are best suited to you. Once you have some career suggestions, lookup the job descriptions to be sure this is something you might want to try.

Testing Basics

Online career tests are based on five time-proven tests to help measure your personality and aptitudes. They include the Myers Briggs Personality test, The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire, the Hogan Personality Inventory, The Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey and  16 Personality Factors

The Myers Briggs Personality Test has been around for years and is the basis of most of the personality tests that are found online. The test will determine your personality type combination based on how you answer the questions. The personality assessment evaluates how you cope, the way you process information, your decision-making style and your way of organizing life.

The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire measures six aspects of your personality and breaks each one down in to categories to express how much you agree or disagree with a statement. The aspects the test quantifies are Agreeableness, Introversion or Extraversion, Dependence or Independence, Openness to Experiences, Methodology, and Industry. This tests helps you better understand how you will respond in certain work environments.

The Hogan-type tests measure personality with respect to job performance and personal attitude. There are several Hogan tests, including a development survey, motivational, values, preferences and of course, the personality test.  The test will measure your personality and emotional traits as they relate to particular occupations.

The Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey evaluates personality alone, measuring your potential for learning, any learning disabilities that may be present and your temperament. These assessments will determine how you relate in the workplace to conflict and personal relationships.

The 16 Personality Factors test is geared to measure the 16 primary factors that predict your behavioral tendencies with respect to reasoning and emotions, such as extroversion, sensitivity, attention span and openness to change.

Remember that no career test will give you a precise description of the exact career for you. They are simply tools that will guide you in the right direction. It is up to you to decide the best career choice and implement the decision to take the steps needed to have your new career. See these tests as the start of your new career search, not the final say in your decision. You will still need to invest your time and energy in making your career change.

Recommended Online Career Tests

If you are seeking truly reliable and trustworthy sites, the U.S. Department of Labor runs a website with some career tests that can help you.

They offer a Skills Profiler, Ability Profiler, Interest Profiler, Work Importance Locator and Employability Checkup. The profiler is a very useful tool for identifying your skills and matching them to jobs. The Ability Profiler matches your strengths with particular occupations. The Interest Profiler will give you more general results, helping you to uncover your general interests. The Work Importance Locator helps you to identify the job skills that are important to you and the Employability Checkup gives you a quick picture of your employability. All of these tests can be enormously helpful in directing your career path.

You can also try the Job Diagnosis Test, which is quick and provides you with results in the top fields that would be best for you.  The Live Careers test provides you with a detailed report to help you find your strengths and weaknesses. You can then get job search results matching your profile; however, you will have to pay a fee.

Online career tests give you insight into your talents, personality and characteristics. They are useful for determining which skills you need to acquire to find the right career. They will also show you which careers may be best avoided altogether. There are many tests available to help you and it is best to try a few and compare results before deciding the right career for you.