Who Are the Top Earning CEO’s?

Big companies make big money, and it takes big leadership to sit at the helm of those companies and navigate them through the turbulent business waters. Chief executive officers, or CEO’s, are at the forefront of business and are responsible for overseeing the future of the companies that are entrusted to them. Running those companies isn’t easy and a careless or unqualified CEO can pilot a company right into ruin. Naturally, CEO’s get paid more than the average office worker or supervisor. In fact, the top earning CEO’s can rake in quite a hefty paycheck plus incentives and lucrative bonuses. So who are the top earning CEO’s? Here is a list of the 50 top-earning chief executive officers.

50 Top Earning CEO’s

  1. top-earning-ceos
    Lawrence J. Ellison
    – CEO of the business-to-business software company Oracle has been in charge of the company for 33 years. He owns $21 million in Oracle stocks. Total compensation: $556 million
  2. Ray R. Irani – CEO of the oil company Occidental Petroleum. With 26 years under his belt as an employee, 18 of those have been running the company. Total compensation: $226 million
  3. John B. Hess – The 55 year-old is CEO of Hess Corporation, an oil and gas company. A veteran with 32 years of experience, he owns $2 million in company shares. Total compensation: $154 million
  4. Michael Watford – CEO of Ultra Petroleum for 10 years. He owns $104 million in shares with the company. Total compensation: $116 million
  5. Mark Papa – CEO of EOG Resources which is the largest oil and natural gas company in the U.S. Papa has been with EOG for 28 years and has headed the company for 11 years. Total compensation: $90 million
  6. William R. Berkley – CEO and founder of the insurance holding company WR Berkley. He and his company have been in business for 42 years. Total compensation: $87 million
  7. Matthew Rose – CEO of Burlington Santa Fe Railway, the number one rail transporter of coal, grain, minerals, and other goods. He has been employed with the company for 16 years and in charge of the company for half that time. Total compensation: $68 million
  8. Paul Evanson – CEO of Allegheny Energy for 6 years. Allegheny provides power for Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, Northern West Virginia, and Northwest Virginia. Total compensation: $67 million
  9. Hugh Grant – CEO of Monsanto for the past 6 years. Monsanto is a chemical company that provides agricultural products and services for farming operations. Total compensation: $64 million
  10. Robert Lane – CEO of Deere & Company. He has been in charge of the company that produces John Deere tractors and other agriculture machinery for 9 years. Total compensation: $61 million
  11. Keith E. Hutton – CEO of XTO Energy, an independent oil and natural gas company. After being with the company for 22 years, he just recently acquired the position of chief executive officer. Total compensation: $54 million
  12. Mark Hurd – CEO of the computer hardware and accessory company Hewlett-Packard. He has been with the company for 4 years and owns $17 million in shares. Total compensation: $51 million
  13. John Hammergrin – CEO of the healthcare and pharmaceutical company McKesson Corporation for 10 years. McKesson is the largest health-care company in the world and provides a network infrastructure for the healthcare industry. Total compensation: $51 million
  14. Bradbury H. Anderson – CEO of the electronics retail giant Best Buy. He has been with the company for 36 years and in charge for 7 years. Total compensation: $49 million
  15. David J. O’Reilly – CEO of the world’s fourth-largest oil company Chevron. He has headed the petroleum and oil distributor for 9 years. Total compensation: $47 million.
  16. Frederick Smith – CEO and founder of FedEx, one of the nation’s largest delivery service and logistics providers. He has headed the company he created for 38 years. Total compensation: $44 million
  17. Robert Stevens – CEO of the Lockheed Martin Corporation for the past five years. Lockheed Martin is the manufacturer and designer of aircraft and aviation products. Total compensation: $42 million
  18. Ronald E. Hermance, Jr. – CEO of the bank holding company Hudson City Bancorp, a holding company for Hudson City Savings Bank. He has been at the helm of the company for 7 years. Total compensation: $42 million
  19. Brian Roberts – CEO of Comcast, one of the largest providers of communications in the U.S. He has been in the position for 6 years and owns $283 million in company stocks. Total compensation: $39 million
  20. John W. Rowe – CEO of the energy company Exelon for 9 years. He has been with the utilities company for a total of 11 years and owns $20 million shares. Total compensation: $39 million
  21. Richard  Adkerson – CEO of the drilling company Freeport McMoRan Copper for 5 years. The company, commonly known as just Freeport, is one of the world’s largest producers of copper and gold. Total compensation: $38 million
  22. Ronald  Williams – CEO of Aetna, a diversified health care benefits company. He has been with the producer of healthcare and pharmaceutical products for 8 years and has headed it for 3 years. Total compensation: $38 million
  23. Chase Carey – CEO of the television satellite broadcast company Direct TV Group. He has been CEO of the media company for 5 years and owns $15 million in shares. Total compensation: $36 million
  24. Thomas Ryan – CEO of CVS Caremark, one of the nation’s largest chains of pharmaceutical providers. He owns $84 million in company shares and has been chief executive for 11 years. Total compensation: $36 million
  25. Aubrey K McClendon – Founder and CEO of Chesapeake Energy, the largest provider of natural gas within the U.S. McClendon has been at the helm of his company Chesapeake, which owes most of its growth through acquisitions and mergers, for 20 years. Total compensation: $36 million
  26. J. Wayne Leonard – CEO of Entergy, a publicly owned holding company that deals mostly with utilities, trading and marketing of power, and development of power sources on a global level. He has been in charge of the company for 10 years. Total compensation: $35 million
  27. James W. Stewart Jr. – CEO of BJ Services, provider of services such as pumping to the gas and oil industry. Stewart has been in charge of the pumping service company for 23 years and owns $20 million in company shares. Total compensation: $34 million.
  28. Leslie Moonves – CEO of CBS Broadcasting, Inc., one of the top four television broadcasting companies in the U.S. He has served as CEO for 4 years. Total compensation: $33 million
  29. Stephen Wilson – CEO of CF Industries Holdings, a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural fertilizers. Wilson has been in charge of the ag company for 6 years and owns $8 million in shares. Total compensation: $33 million
  30. John Martin – CEO for 13 years at Gilead Sciences. Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical research company develops therapeutic products to assist patients with life-threatening diseases. Total compensation: $33 million
  31. Daniel Starks – CEO of St. Jude Medical for the last 5 years. He has been with the medical company for 25 years and owns $218 million is company shares. Total compensation: $32 million
  32. Harold M. Korell – CEO of Southwestern Energy Company for the past 10 years. Southwestern Energy Company is involved in all phases and types of energy from natural gas, oil exploration, distribution, and marketing. Total compensation: $31 million
  33. Samuel J. Palmisano – CEO of the computer hardware and software manufacturer IBM. The company is one of the leading developers of computer products in the U.S. Total compensation: $30 million
  34. Steven Roth – CEO for 20 years of Vornado Realty Trust. The company is a real estate investment trust and controls over $20 billion in assets. Total compensation: $30 million
  35. Marc Holliday – CEO of SL Green Realty for 5 years. The company owns and operates several commercial properties and buildings in Manhattan and leases offices to dozens of businesses. Total compensation: $30 million
  36. Craig L. Martin – CEO of Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. Based in California, the company offers technical construction services to industrial, commercial, and government organizations. Total compensation: $29 million
  37. Ralph Lauren – Founder and CEO of Polo Ralph Lauren which offers fashionable products for men such as cologne and clothing. Ralph Lauren’s company has been in business for 41 years and is carried in all the major department stores across the U.S. and abroad. Total compensation: $29 million
  38. Lewis B. Campbell – CEO of the global company Textron. The company operates in several industries such as aviation, automobile, industrial, and finances. Total compensation: $28 million
  39. Robert Selander – CEO of the credit card company MasterCard. A Harvard graduate, Selander has been in charge of the financial institute for 12 years and owns $8 million in company shares. Total compensation: $28 million
  40. James J. Murren – CEO of MGM Mirage, which owns several resorts and casinos around the world, predominantly in Las Vegas. Murren has just recently been promoted to chief executive of MGM Mirage which is currently the second largest gaming company in the world. Total compensation: $28 million
  41. Miles D. White – CEO of Abbott Laboratories. He has been in charge of the pharmaceutical company which is responsible for the development of many popular drugs for 10 years Total compensation: $27 million
  42. Rupert Murdoch – CEO of News Corporation, the leading news media company, for 30 years. News Corporation is a global company involved in the production of movies and television programs and owns several television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. Total compensation: $26 million
  43. Mark Donegan – CEO of Precision Castparts. He has been in charge for 7 years of the metal fabrication company that is responsible for making parts for the aerospace, military, and automobile industries. Total compensation: $26 million
  44. Ivan G. Seidenberg – He has been CEO for Verizon Commun for the past 14 years. The communications company is the primary provider of local and long-distance phone services including wireless and Internet services. Total compensation: $26 million
  45. Lloyd Blankfein – CEO of Goldman Sachs Group, a bank holding company that pursues investment banking, securities services, and investment management. An employee for 28 years, he has been in charge the past 3 years and owns $273 million in company shares. Total compensation: $25 million
  46. Gregg Engles – CEO of Dean Foods, a leading U.S. food and beverage company. He has been chief executive for 21 years of the company that is the industry leader in dairy products. Total compensation: $25 million
  47. Robert Beauchamp – CEO of BMC Software, a management software company. BMC provides IT infrastructure for businesses that automate many aspects of a business. Total compensation: $25 million
  48. Daniel DeMatteo – CEO of the computer and video game retail chain GameStop. HE has worked with the company for 13 years but has only been in charge of the provider of multiple video games for just one year. Total compensation: $25 million
  49. James C. Mullen – CEO of Biogen Idec. The company, which Mullen has been head of for 5 years, provides medical products for the areas of oncology, neurology, and immunology. Total compensation: $24 million
  50. Edward Ludwig – CEO for 9 years of the medical company Becton, Dickinson. The company provides medical technology, equipment, and systems for the medical field. Total compensation: $24 million

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