Are Pontiac Cars Reliable?

Pontiac’s sporty cars have been around for decades. Since they first introduced the GTO back in 1964, Pontiac has been synonymous with performance sport vehicles. But although they are popular, you may ask yourself are Pontiac cars reliable? Do they meet industry standards? How often do they break down? Buying a car is an investment of a lot of money so you want to know if the product is worth the price. No one wants to throw down money on a vehicle that is not going to perform well.

Pontiac cars are definitely beautiful to look at and many of them have an impressive amount of horsepower for a factory engine. So are Pontiac cars reliable? Let’s take a look at some of the top consumer questions.

Where Can I Find Reviews Of Pontiac Cars?

The Internet is probably the best place to find reviews of Pontiac cars. There are numerous consumer and car review sites that can give you as much detail as you want about any car, no matter the make and model. If you want to find out are Pontiac cars reliable, never go to the manufacturer’s homepage. It’s just going to be filled with advertising telling you how great their cars are. You want an unbiased opinion that is going to give you the nitty-gritty. Some of the best websites to find reviews on Pontiac cars are The Truth About cars, Car and Driver, Edmunds, Motor Trend (home of the magazine), and Car Review.

Have Any Pontiac Models Made Consumer Magazine’s Top Reliable Cars?


Making it onto Consumer Magazine’s list is like making the Dean’s List in college. Everyone wants to make it but only a few actually do. Out of all of the Pontiac line-up, the only model to make Consumer Magazines list of Top Reliable Cars is the Pontiac Vibe wagon. The Vibe has gotten good reviews as an affordable and reliable car, suited for today’s lagging economy. The car’s handling has performed great and it gets very good gas mileage. No other Pontiac car has made the recent list for Consumer Magazine. That doesn’t mean there are not some good cars in the Pontiac line. They just didn’t make the list.

Who Manufactures Pontiac Parts?

General Motors owns and manufactures the Pontiac line of cars so all parts are American-made GM parts. The majority of Pontiac cars are built in Detroit, Michigan. GM parts have a history as being reliable but remember, they are the same parts that make up the cars that do not get good performance ratings. The good news about GM parts is they are easy to acquire. Most of your auto parts stores keep them in stock or can order them and have them there in a day. Foreign parts can sometimes take longer to order.

Are There Any Pontiac Cars That Are More Reliable Than Others?

Besides the economically-friendly Vibe, another Pontiac car to get good reviews is the Pontiac G8 GT. This car got good ratings on both performance and looks. The interior is roomy and comfortable and the car is reported as having excellent handling. On average, most reviewers agree that it is one of Pontiac’s better cars in several years.

Which Pontiac Cars Are The Least Reliable?

All the reviewers seem unanimous on this one. The Pontiac Solstice has gotten bad reviews across the board. I know, it is beautiful to look at and you want to love it. On the outside it almost looks like an affordable Mazda Miata. But as they say, beauty is not everything. The Solstice handles poorly, has a convertible top that is torture to lower, has no extra space, and is difficult for the average person to drive. You wanna love it but you just can’t.