How Do I Buy the Best GPS Navigation System for My Car

Buying an Affordable GPS System Suited to Your Needs

Buying the best GPS navigation system for your car situation often comes down to deciding how much you want to spend on a GPS navigation unit. There are a few particulars about the GPS systems that work better for one customer than others, such as in-dash GPS or portable GPS units.

There are a few frills that some people have to have (like voice-activated GPS), while others only want a GPS unit that gives them the information they need. So buying the best GPS system for you is getting a piece of technology that does everything you want within the price range you’re willing to spend.

1. Write Down What You Want

List everything you want in your GPS navigation system. We’ll go over the common bells and whistles and other specs on GPS device in the next few points.

2. Bluetooth GPS Device

Adding Bluetooth capabalities to a GPS unit gives you the ability to use its global positioning abilities with your hands free for driving. This might come with a Bluetooth head-set. If you don’t have Bluetooth, the only safe way to use GPS while driving is to have a navigator sitting in the passengers seat (your wife). This isn’t a big problem for families going on vacation.

3. Weather Proof GPS

You might be wondering why you would need a GPS system with weather-proofing inside your car. You don’t, unless you have a convertible. There are a lot of outdoorsy types who love to put their top down and go riding out in the sticks (or wilderness, if you’re not from Texas). If so, you’ll want a weatherproofed GPS unit.

4. Decide About Either In-Dash or Portable GPS

An in-dash GPS system is going to be more expensive. It’s also going to require a professional installment job (more time and money). Also, if your car is broken into, the indash GPS is more likely to be stolen. At the same time, in-dash Global Positioning Systems are going to have bigger display features and will usually have more tweaks.

A portable GPS system won’t be as elaborate, but it’s cheaper, doesn’t require installation and can be used in multiple vehicles.

5. Price and Evaluate the GPS Online

Go on the Internet and look at all the options available. There are a number of big electronics companies which sell their own GPS devices, while countless lesser known companies doing the same. Look at our list below for some of the big names in the GPS industry.

6. Price and Evaluate in the Electronics Store

Go to your local store to evaluate the stock and prices of the GPS locally. Just like with the online GPS pricing, take your list of wants and figure out if the GPS offered fits in your price range. Don’t impulse buy or let a salesman pressure you into a sale.

Takes notes on prices and options, if you have to.

7. Make Your Decision

Once you get back home, make your decision on which GPS system is best for you. There are a lot of moving parts to a GPS system purchase, so it’s best to take your time on this decision. If you want the GPS right away and the prices (including shipping) aren’t much different, buy your GPS at a local eletronics store.

If the price difference between online and brick-and-mortar sales is huge, then shop online for a GPS navigation system. The online option lets you shop from dozens of different locations, as opposed to one or two nearby your home. Be careful who you give out your credit card information to, though.

Here is a short list of GPS navigation systems you can research, either at home or in your local electronics outlet.

GPS Navigation Systems For Cars

  • TomTom GPS Systems
  • Magellan GPS Systems
  • Motorola GPS Systems
  • Garmin GPS Systems
  • Alpine GPS Systems