How Do I Find New Car Prices?

Finding new car prices is really pretty easy. Car dealers and manufacturers advertise in just about every medium (including internet advertising) because they want to draw in business. In the new car industry which is very competitive, advertising is the key. If you are wondering how do I find new car prices, you have to do some looking. You also have to be aware of misleading advertising. Many times a car with a certain price will be advertised but when you go to a dealership to inquire about it, the last car of that type was ‘conveniently’ just sold. So some of those advertised prices are just lures to get you into the dealership.

People who are shopping around for a new car often wonder how do I find new car prices? and where can i find the best price for a new car?Anyone can do it but you need to understand that depending on where you look, those new prices may vary.

Can I Look On The Internet To Find New Car Prices?

These days, the best place to find new car prices is the internet. There are tons of sites with current prices on new makes and models. These sites may also list discounts, financing options, and availability within your area. Make sure you check out the options for the car that you are interested in. Options such as upgrades, limited editions, or more features can increase the price of a new car. You can find any type of car or vehicle by just doing a quick search.

What Are Some Good Sites To Find New Car Prices?


There are a lot of sites with new car prices but you need to be careful. Not all of them are going to be accurate or fair. So exactly how do I find new car prices on the internet? Here are some popular sites.

Kelly Blue Book – This is the source for finding the price for any year, make, or model of car. The blue book has been used by dealerships and car buyers for years. You can check out their website at for prices.

Nada Guides – A good site that gives information on everything from new car prices, specs, reviews, and dealership prices. You can look up any style of car you are interested in and read up on it.

Yahoo Autos – Part of the Yahoo pages, this section is very helpful because not only can you look up any car you want, you can also access the Kelly Blue Book from this site, you can use it to get quotes, and it can link to other car sites. – Edmunds has become increasingly popular in the recent years and was the first car information site on the web. It is a great source for finding all sorts of information for new cars. – Another good site for looking up any type of car. They don’t have any customer reviews of new cars but you can use the site to find a dealer in your area and to get information in insurance rates and financing.

Where Do Dealerships Normally Advertise?

Local dealerships may have a different price than what you find online. If you want to know how much the dealerships are asking, check out their advertising. They generally advertise in local newspapers and have big ads featuring several styles of cars. You might also see if the dealership has a website that lists their current inventory. You can always go down to the dealership but you will likely get cornered by a salesman. If you don’t have a lot of time and are in a hurry, you might want to try the other options first.