How Do I Reserve Child Safety Seats with a Car Rental?

Reserving Child Safety Seats at a Car Rental Service

When you’re renting a car from a car rental service, there are likely to be dozens of questions you have about how the car rental works. When you’re preparing for a car trip with your family in a rental car, there are going to be even more items you need to pack in your luggage and things to bring along on your trip.

One set of items you can’t forget is the child safety seats, which can get lost in the shuffle of a big trip and the normal hassles of a car rental. You’ll need to remember to reserve child safety seats for your car rental, so you don’t have to bring car seats from the house along with your luggage.

With that in mind, here is how to reserve child safety seats with a car rental service. You’ll mainly need to make this a priority, so you don’t have to be scrambling around the day you pick up your car, tacking on additional charges to your car rental bill.

1. Select a Car Rental Company – If you’re renting a car after a flight, make certain that you choose a car rental that is on-site at the airport. The last thing you want is to be carrying around safety seats in a taxicab.

2. Select the Type of Car You’ll Rent – Remember to ask the sales representative whether the car you’ll be renting is designed to accommodate child safety seats. If not, ask for a list of similar cars that can accommodate your child safety needs.

3. Go To “Additional Items” on Your Rental Form – Most online rental forms or paper rental forms will have an “additional items” section or some other method of including frills. Click on this link on an online form and stipulate how many you need. On a fill-out form, simply write in the additional items box how many child safety seats you’ll need.

4. Tell the Service Representative Your Car Seat Needs – If you phone in your car rental, tell the sales rep what and how many car seats you want. Those who call in their orders need to go on the Internet to the car rental company’s website and confirm their rental.

As you make sure your car rental is in the system, confirm that your car seats are in your car rental order. Verification keeps you from having all kinds of problems on the day you pick up your rental car. Confirm that the vehicle you are renting is large enough to accommodate the car seats.

5. Ask For Help – If problems arise installing the safety seat in your car rental, ask your service rep that you need maintenance assistance. Most parents should be able to handle the car seats with no problem.