How Do I Start A Collector Car Club?

There are people all over the world who share the same passion and interests in collector cars. When you go to the car shows and talk to some of the hobbyists, you will find that they all have one thing in common. They love their cars. Collector car clubs have been around for a long time. They formed as a way for owners to get together to discuss their classic cars, to help one another out in restoring them, and to support one another by going to car shows to display their wheeled treasures.

When someone mentions a car club, you naturally think of a bunch of guys in a garage tinkering around with an old hot rod. There are many different types of collector car clubs all across the country. Some center around one type or model of car while others are open to anything that has been restored. Also, some clubs are ‘guys-only’ while others encourage family participation. If you are a car collector and have been driving solo for awhile, you may eventually wonder how do I start a collector car club. It is relatively easy and may rely solely on word of mouth to attract a few members. It can be as informal as you like just so long as all the members have fun.

Picking a Collector Car Club Theme


So exactly how do I start a collector car club? The first thing to do is to decide on whether you want the club to have a theme. For example, there are some clubs that are only for classic corvettes and others that revolve around the collector car’s worth. You may even find clubs that are only for collector cars produced before a specific date. There are car clubs for Ford Model T’s, mustangs, foreign cars, hot rods, lowriders, and everything in between. Before you begin picking a collector car club theme, you should check to see if there are other owners in your area with the same style of collector car as you. If there are enough, you could center the theme around that type of car.

If there is not enough of one type of collector car in your area, you could just have the club membership open to anyone with a collector car. Or you may just have a passion for any type of classic car and don’t want to limit the membership. Keeping the membership open to a wide range of classic car owners will definitely draw in a larger crowd and the diversity can really add to the club’s dynamics.

Finding Members For A Car Club

One trick to starting your own collector car club is finding members for a car club. A lot of clubs make the mistake of allowing anyone with a collector car into the club. However, you should consider the person, not the car. The owner of a collector car may be difficult to get along with or they may not be committed to showing up to the meetings and participating in club-sponsored events. When choosing the right members, you should choose a person who all the other members like and get along with, someone who is knowledgeable and can contribute to the club, and someone who can adhere to the club’s rules. If the club is guys-only and the person keeps bringing his girlfriend to all the meetings and events, then he probably won’t be a good fit.

Establishing Some Rules

Another good tip on how do I start a collector car club is to establish some club rules. This is a list of by-laws that every member of the club should recognize and obey. Usually the rules are no-brainers and anyone with the same interests in cars will find them easy to follow. The rules can set the club standard. For instance, one of the rules may state that all cars need to be complete with a finished paint job in order to appear in any of the car shows. Another rule could be that at public events, all members have to wear the club shirt or jacket.

Do The Shows

When starting a collector car club, it is important to appear at all of the local car shows. It is a good way to advertise and increase membership. Participating in a show is also a good way to bring exposure to the club and maybe get some coverage in some publications or websites. Going to car shows is one of the best opportunities to talk shop with other car hobbyists. You can learn new techniques, different approaches to solving problems, and can get help in finding some hard to find replacement parts.

Start A Website

Every collector car club needs a website. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy or heavy in animation and graphics. At the basic level, it just needs to be informative. The website needs to contain information on memberships, whether the club has a theme, when they meet, a monthly schedule with upcoming events, how to buy collect cars and everything else that members or potential members might find useful. The website should also contain photos of all the member’s collector cars. It is a great way to show off your car after all the effort you no doubt put into it to keep it in good shape. If you want members and visitors to be able to have online discussions, you should put in a forum.