Jiffy Lube Coupons

Printable Jiffy Lube Coupons for Oil Change

Jiffy Lube is a chain of automotive service stations specializing in quick services like oil changes and (in some cases) state inspections. There are more than 2,000 franchises of Jiffy Lube, all subsidiaries of Shell Oil, based in Houston, TX.

The company has a really colorful history–once a handful of automotive service stations in Utah, the company you know today as Jiffy Lube was bought out by the football coach at Western Maryland University, Jim Hindman. Hindman was a millionaire entrepreneur who was coaching the team for free. One of his players challenged him to make another million dollars and the coach decided to buy this tiny string of small-time gas stations and turn them into an empire. In 1993, Jiffy Lube was purchased by Pennzoil, ensuring the former football coach had met his player’s challenge.

Here’s a few ways to find Jiffy Lube coupons and deals online.

2011 Jiffy Lube CouponsJiffy Lube Coupons

The first place you should always check for printable coupons online is a site like Retail Me Not. ┬áThese third-party coupon sites collect promo codes and printable coupons from users around the world and put them in one place. Other third-party coupon sites are 8coupons.com, coupons.com, and groupon.com. As of this writing, Retail Me Not is carrying six “active” printable coupons and promo codes for Jiffy Lube products, like $5 off a standard oil change. Remember to check these sites regularly, as the deals offered change all the time.

Online Deals for Jiffy Lube

When you visit Jiffy Lube’s website you can get a $5 off your next oil change coupon that’s printable right from the site. Just give them your email address and a few other details and take $5 off the price of your next service at Jiffy Lube.

While we’re on the topic of the website–the specific deals and promotions going on at Jiffy Lube depend on the Jiffy Lube store you’re visiting. The website will automatically detect your location and send you to the page detailing your local Jiffy Lube’s deals. Right now, at a Jiffy Lube in Sacramento, there are printable online coupons for $15 off a headlight cleaning service, $5 off a tire rotation service, and a few other deals. The coupons you find for Jiffy Lube depend mostly on your local Jiffy Lube’s coupon offers.

Other Jiffy  Lube Coupons Online

One particularly interesting third-party coupon site is Coupon Code Saving. They look at all the deals available for the merchant you’re looking for and tell you what their best deal is, where that store is, and what other deals may exist in your area, all from the same splash page. Really useful tool for online coupon hunters.

Jiffy Lube is one of the largest chains of automotive service shops in the country. Their prices are almost always competitive with any other service station in your area, and some locations perform additional services like inspections and even more advanced engine repair.

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