Should I Buy A Used Rental Car?

When out shopping for a car, not everyone can afford a brand new car fresh off the dealer showroom. It seems like new car prices get more expensive every year. Used cars are the way to go for many people. But can you trust every used car? They have seen a lot of miles and you never know about what kind of maintenance they have received in the past.

When shopping around for a used car, you should ask yourself “should I buy a used rental car”? Consider this: Car rental agencies remove cars from their fleet after a few years of service. They have locations all over the country and a wide selection of cars. Before you go down to Uncle Al’s Used Car Lot, you might consider a used rental car.

Reliability of Used Rental Cars

When you are considering “should I buy a used rental car”, there is one main selling point: the reliability of used rental cars. First of all, while the car is part of a company’s fleet, it is usually well-maintained. It goes through continuous comprehensive testing to keep it on the road. When the car is retired, it goes to the central office where it undergoes a thorough inspection and appraisal. The best cars are kept to be sold off the company’s own lot. The rest of the cars are sent to dealerships or to auctions.

Another point about maintenance is this. Most used cars were privately owned. So you really don’t know what the maintenance history on a privately owned used car is. There is simply no telling what the previous owner did or did not do for their car. If the used car comes from a rental company, you are at least guaranteed that the car was well maintained.

Is There A Type Of Rental Car I Should Buy?


Any of the used cars from a rental company should be in decent shape to buy. However, don’t forget to do your homework. Try looking up the car on CARFAX to check out its history. Inspect the car yourself. Take it for a test drive and if possible, get a trusted mechanic that you know to take a look at it. But here is a bit of trivia that you might not have been aware of. Sometimes the sedans and luxury cars are going to be in better shape than the compacts. Why? Because rental companies have stricter age and credit requirements when renting out those types of cars. This means the luxury cars and sedans probably won’t have been driven by a 21 year-old with a heavy foot.

Buying Directly From a Car Rental Company

Buying directly from a car rental company will typically get you the best maintained car. They will also be the most expensive from the cars that they retire. You can probably get a better deal at a used car dealership but the car may not be in as good a shape as one the company kept.

What Are Some Reliable Companies That Put Their Cars Up For Sale?

By now the question of whether I should buy a used rental car has been answered. So if you are interested in buying a used rental car, you might want to know some of the companies that frequently put their used cars up for sale. These companies have offices and agencies located all across the country so you can do a search online or in the phone book to see what is in your area. Some of the better companies to buy from are Hertz, Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis, National, and Budget.