What Are Viper Car Alarms?

What Are Viper Car Alarms?

Stolen cars, broken windows, stolen stereo equipment–these are the results of not installing a car alarm. The FBI keeps national statistics on motor vehicle theft, and reports that there are about 1.2 million of these thefts nationwide every year. That’s about 3,300 vehicle thefts a day. The amount of money car owners lose in these thefts adds up, too–nearly $8 billion a year, or about $6,000 per incident.

Viper Car Alarms

Viper is a household name in the world of car alarms–who doesn’t remember their commercials in the 1980s, and the trademark line: “Viper armed!” While the snake shown in the commercials slithering out of the car and attacking a potential thief isn’t really part of the Viper security system, Viper sells a wide range of car alarms designed to protect your property.

What Are Viper Car Alarms?

Speaking of Viper in the 80s, that familiar voice comes to us from none other than Republican Representative Darrell Issa, who was once CEO of Directed Electronics, the company that produces Viper car alarms. Mr. Issa is still performing his elected duties, and is currently the wealthiest member of the House of Representatives. Mr. Issa made his fortune on Viper car alarms, which are still the most popular car alarm systems in America.

How Do Viper Car Alarms Work?

There are several different types of Viper car alarms, ranging from simple remote start devices all the way up to complete security systems with features like shock sensors, sirens, and engine kills.

Depending on the specific Viper car alarm you choose to install, what a potential thief will experience when the system is alarmed will differ.

In most cases, a bright blue flashing LED on your car’s dashboard or near the mirror will alert a thief to the presence of an alarm system. Most thieves will notice this and move on to an easier target. If the light isn’t enough to spook them, the window sticker that says “Viper” should do the trick.

If a thief ignores this visual signals, the Viper car alarm can be equipped with a system that detects any kind of impact to the vehicle’s exterior. Viper is currently promoting their “dual-stage Stinger DoubleGuard” impact sensor, sensitive enough to detect even a light touch. Depending on the size of the impact, the Viper car alarm will then either let loose a short series of chirps or the full blast of Viper’s patented “Revenger 6-Tone Siren”, one of the loudest in the industry.

Even if the thief you’re dealing with is experienced and has all the right tools, your Viper car alarm has something special to prevent him from getting your wheels. Every Viper security system now comes with a starter kill system that prevents “hot wiring”, a technique used by car thieves to gain control of your car.

Between the lights and stickers warning of the Viper system you’ve installed, the shock sensor, very loud siren, and starter kill device, you have four distinct layers of protection against auto theft.

Viper Car Alarm Warranty and Guarantee

Since Viper is the number one aftermarket alarm company in the world, they offer a great warranty and guarantee program. All installed Viper car alarm systems are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that is good for the original owner of the original car it is installed on. For details on what is covered by this limited warranty, talk to your installer.

Viper’s Guaranteed Protection Plan (known as GPP to manufacturers) gives your car recently upgraded with a Viper car alarm an extra bit of protection. If your car is stolen with a Viper system installed and armed within one year of installation, Viper will refund your comprehensive auto insurance deductible up to $2,500. There are some other conditions that exist too–such as that the theft must take place within 60 miles of the city where you live. For more details on the GPP, check with the manufacturer or your installer.

Other Viper Security Features

When you think of car security, you probably imagine that annoying car alarm sound. The truth is, car security systems are much more than just alarms.

Remote start–Viper remote start systems prepare your vehicle before you get in, allowing you to keep the doors locked and the car turned off as long as you want before entering your car. How is remote start a security feature? In a dark or empty parking lot, the security you get from having your car automatically opened and running can’t be beat–you don’t have to fumble with keys or rush to get in your car should someone be following you.

Programmable voice system–This is maybe the most famous part of any Viper security system. These devices will play a preprogrammed voice message, either recorded by the car’s owner or a stock message provided by Viper. Adding a voice command to the siren increases the intensity of the car’s alarm itself. Imagine trying to steal a car and hearing the powerful Viper sirens AND a loud voice saying “Please step away from the car” or some other tough-guy message. A powerful deterrent in its own right, the programmable voice system increases the effectiveness of all other parts of the Viper car alarm system.

Field disturbance sensors–These days, car thieves can break into your garage and steal your car right out from under your noise. Viper offers field disturbance sensors that can detect “code grabbing” devices used to breakthrough automatic garage door security measures–when such a device is found, the Viper car alarm system is tripped.

Viper car alarms were once something of a cliché–their commercials were everywhere and very recognizable. While Viper’s founder has moved on to bigger and better things, his voice will forever be immortalized in Viper car alarms. Since Viper is the number one aftermarket car alarm system in the world, installing a Viper is the best way to get peace of mind about your car.

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