Where Are Pontiac Cars Built?

Pontiac cars are all about style and the driving experience. They are, for the most part, performance cars and sporty SUVs. Pontiac has historically manufactured a wide range of coupes, sedans, and wagons. The brand of car is known for its red ‘V’ symbol. Pontiac produced the world’s first ‘muscle car’ when it introduced the now classic GTO back in 1964. Since then Pontiac has continued to create big engine sports cars that have remained popular with car enthusiasts.

So with all this history, where are Pontiac cars built?  How did they get their name? Does someone else manufacture them? Here are some of the more popular questions concerning Pontiac cars.

Who Makes Pontiac Cars?

The first thing to know about where are Pontiac cars built is to know who makes them. Pontiac cars were founded back in 1907 by Edward Murphy and the company was known as the Oakland Car Company. The company was then bought out two years later in 1909 by General Motors who continues to manufacture the Pontiac brand. They changed the name from the Oakland Car Company to the current name of Pontiac back in 1926.

Where Are Pontiac Cars Made?

So where are Pontiac cars built? Right here in the good old U.S. of A.  You can go up to Detroit, Michigan, home of General Motors (which is the second largest automaker in the world) and see the plant. Detroit has long been the home ground of automakers in the United States. But Pontiac cars were originally manufactured in Pontiac, Michigan before they were bought by GM.

Where Does The Name Pontiac Come From?


The Pontiac name was first used back in 1906 by the Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works Company which merged with the Oakland Car Company to produce their first line of automobiles. The Pontiac name is actually a reference to the 18th century chief of the Ottowa Indians who led an unsuccessful uprising against the British. After GM bought out Oakland and their cars started selling well, they changed the name of the line to Pontiac.

When Did The First Pontiac Car Appear?

The first Pontiac car premiered at the New York Auto Show in 1926. It was called the “Chief of the Sixes” because it ran on a six-cylinder engine and was marketed to compete against competitor cars that only ran on four cylinders.

How Are Pontiac Cars Marketed?

Pontiac cars are marketed as sport vehicles with a lot of performance capabilities. Back in the 1990’s the line suffered in sales but in the past few years Pontiac has revamped their image. Their cars have distinctive styling that makes them different from other GM models. Today many Pontiac cars are used by car hobbyists to make classic muscle cars.

What Are Some Of The New Pontiac Models?

Pontiac has been continuously changing its lineup. Some of the current models on the market today are the affordable Pontiac G6, the sporty Pontiac G8, the 260 hp Pontiac Solstice convertible, the SUV Torrent, and the wagon-style Pontiac Vibe.