Where Can I Rent A Car

Few things compare to being stranded somewhere without a car. Unless you are a big fan of “walking the earth”, you need a car. It doesn’t matter if you have to be at a business meeting by a certain time or you are on a leisurely vacation around the world. When you need a set of wheels, you need them now. Car rental companies conveniently fill that need. There are numerous companies, both large and small, where you can rent a means of transportation to get where you are going. But where can I rent a car?

Car rental companies are often strategically located in places where there is a high volume of travelers.  You can generally rent any type of car you need (remember that you meent the car rental age requirement). So with all of these options, you still need to know where can I rent a car? Here are some questions to help you find out.

What Are Some Good Locations for Car Rental Companies?

Like every business, you need to know where your target audience is located. This is going to be in places where you have a lot of people traveling who are going to need a car. The number one place to find a car rental company is the airport. You have so many people coming through there every day, many on business, who are going to need a car. You can also find car rental companies in areas with a lot of tourists. Sometimes you have to drive to see all of the sites and if there are no means of public transportation, the only way to do it is to rent a car.

Are There Car Rental Companies In Every City?


Every major city within the United States is going to have at least a few car rental locations. The larger the city, the more locations you are likely to find. Not everyone in the city has a car and sometimes people just want to save on mileage on their own car. Besides the major cities, you can also find a car rental location in many smaller communities, particularly if they have an airport that services smaller aircraft. It all really depends on how much traffic comes through the town. It may be a small town but if it lies near a major interstate highway, there just might be a car rental office in that area.

Can I rent a car in other countries?

If you travel to another country, either on business or vacation, you may still need a car. You might want to learn how to say “where can I find a car” in the local language. Nearly every country that is involved in either international business or tourism has car rental companies. You may end up doing most of your traveling by public transportation (think train, taxi, or rickshaw) but not all areas are accessible by public transport. If you want to get out and see the countryside, you will need a car.

What are some of the better known car rental companies?

There are car rental companies both big and small. Some may be a single location with only three cars. Others may be national chains that you can find anywhere. When looking for a reliable car rental agency, some of the more popular ones are Avis, Thrifty, Enterprise, National, and Hertz.