Where Can I Sell My Car?

Whether you have a customized collectible or an old sedan with a lot of mileage, at some point you may decide to sell your car. You will need to find the blue book value or even try to get the car appraised. You will need to write up a description that lists the basics of the car. When you get all of that done, your next question will be “Where can I sell my car”? and “How do I sell my car?” The market is much wider today than it used to be. The internet allows you to increase your buyer area and thus have a better probability of selling your car for the price that you want.

When you finally make the decision to sell and you are pondering where I can sell my car, you want to keep a few things in mind. Ideally, no matter where you sell your car you want to reach as large of an audience as possible and you want to sell your car as quickly as possible. The longer your car is on the market, the more likely you will have to settle on a lower price. When choosing where I can sell my car, you have things to think about.

Should I Sell My Car To An Individual Or Trade It In?

By all means, you definitely want to sell your car privately and directly to another individual. You will get a much better price than if you traded it in at a dealership for another car. Dealerships only give you the current book value minus any defects. If you sell it to an individual, you can usually get more cash for the car. The drawback is that it is harder work but also gives the bigger return.

Should I Get Someone To Sell It For Me?

You can get someone else to sell your car for you, especially if you are busy. However, unless they are a good friend willing to do it for free, you will probably have to pay them a small commission fee for selling the car.

Can I Sell It At Auction?


This is not always common practice but you can try selling your car at an auction. You will have to pay an entry fee for the car regardless if it sells or not. Auctions can be a lot like gambling. You can never be sure of the price you are going to get. If the auction has a big turnout, chances are that there will be some competition among the buyers which could drive the price up. If the turnout is small, expect a lower price. But do yourself a favor and put a minimum sale price on the car. That way if no one offers at least the minimum, you don’t have to sell it.

Should I Advertise in Newspapers and Local Shoppers?

One of the best and tried-and-true methods of selling a car is to advertise in the local newspaper or the local shopper. The classifieds section will contain listings for all available used cars in the area. Of course, there is an advertising fee that you will have to pay for every week that the newspaper or shopper carries the ad but it can be worth it for the number of readers.

Are Internet Sites A Good Place to Sell a Car?

Over the past few years, the internet has become the most popular place to advertise to sell a car. There are so many websites available and a lot of them are free. It is easy enough to advertise on multiple sites and you will definitely increase your chances of someone becoming interested in the ad. All you have to do is fill out the form with the correct information and submit it. You can even upload up to several photos showing different angles of the car. Some of the more popular sites to sell a car on are Craigslist, Lemonfree.com, Uno Car Dealers, Lycos, Yahoo, Web Cosmo, MySpace, and Ebay.