Where To Find Mobile Homes For Sale

Anyone who has shopped for houses knows how expensive they are. A custom home can cost anywhere from under $100,000 up to…well, the sky is the limit actually. Some custom homes can cost millions of dollars. But even the homes whose prices are closer to earth can still be out of reach for some. This doesn’t take into account the time spent waiting for the home to be built or the fact that once it is built, it is permanently there. An alternative to expensive custom homes is mobile homes.

Mobile homes have several advantages. One is that they are less expensive than custom homes. They are also easier financed, even with bad credit. Mobile homes are already built and just have to be moved onto the owner’s property. Setting up a mobile home can take several days to a week but is still much faster than waiting for a custom home to be built.

Mobile homes are a good option for many families. But where to find mobile homes for sale? If you are in the market, here is a list of places you can look.

New Or Used Mobile Homes


One thing to consider before buying a mobile home is if you want to buy a new one or a used one. The obvious difference is price. A new one will be more expensive than a used one. Also, used mobile home may need some work to get it back in good condition.

If you already own property, mobile homes (whether new or used) will have to be moved onto your property and set up. This can cost extra but is included with the sale price. Electricity, plumbing, and leveling will all have to be done before you can move in.

However, if you do not already own property, you can look for used mobile homes that are already set up on a track of land. Depending on the condition of the home, you might be able to buy the home and the property for the same price as a brand new mobile home.

The Internet

When looking around for mobile homes for sale, there are several places to shop. One of the easiest and most convenient is the internet. Tons of websites are available where you can search through mobile home listings to find exactly what you are looking for. The sites list information such as size, condition, price, and contact numbers. There is also a photo. Some of the homes may be set up on a property or may be waiting to be moved to a new location.

Mobile home websites lets you browse for listings in each state. You can even enter your zip code to find the ones closest to you. The best part about the internet is you can look through dozens of listings and never have to leave your home. It also makes it easier to comparison shop relatively quickly.

Newspaper Ads

Your local newspaper will have mobile home sales listed under their own category in the real estate section in the classifieds. The listing gives the information such as number of bedrooms, location, size, phone number to contact the seller, and price.

Newspaper ads are fairly up-to-date. You can guarantee that the listings are new and the prices current. The drawback to newspaper ads is that they do not have a photo for most of the mobile homes. This means that you have to drive to the location to get a look at it. If the mobile home is in bad shape, then it is a wasted trip.

Trades And Publications

The newsstands are full of trades for automobiles, boats, real estate, and, for the mobile home buyer, mobile homes for sale. These trades are similar to the information listed in newspapers except they include private sellers, large dealerships, and small independent dealers.

Each mobile home listing has all of the information that you would find in a classified newspaper ad. Plus, each listing includes a photo so you can see the condition of the home. Trades are full of used homes and are a good place to find a bargain price.

Mobile Home Dealers

If used mobile homes are not your thing and you want to check out homes that don’t have any wear and tear, mobile home dealers are the place to look. Dealer lots are full of new mobile homes, from single-wides to double and triple-wides. Depending on the dealer you can find just about any home to suit your needs.

Mobile home dealers also provide financing. With approved credit, you can practically buy a new home in a single day.

Many mobile home dealers also have used mobile homes for sale. These homes will often be cleaned and repaired from use from their former owners. In good condition, these homes will be much cheaper than a new one.

Mobile Home Auctions

Public auctions are a great place to pick up a real bargain. Mobile homes that appear at auctions either be homes repossessed by the bank, seized by the government or police, or sold by a private seller. Conditions vary as all will be used.

Some mobile homes that appear at auction could show some real damage. Depending on the type and severity of the damage, you could get a real bargain at an auction. Mobile homes can be fixed up and repaired just like a regular custom home. If you have the time and funds to do it yourself, you could really come out ahead.

Before You Buy a Mobile Home

Before you shell out the cash for a mobile home, new or used, there are some things you need to know. Mobile homes are convenient because they are already built and they can be moved from location to location. However, there are some drawbacks.

Even though mobile homes are advertised as ‘mobile’ the more you move them, the more damage it causes to the structure. The stress of being hauled around can cause the home’s structural integrity to weaken.

Another drawback is the materials used in a mobile home. Unlike a custom home, the materials are not the best quality. Everything from lumber to paneling is lower in quality which is why mobile homes are cheaper. Mobile homes do not last as long as custom homes, even with proper care and maintenance.

When buying a mobile home, be aware of what you are buying and that it will require consistent maintenance. But if you take care of your mobile home, it can be just as comfortable as a regular home.