Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Car insurance can be expensive. It gets ranked up there as one of our major monthly bills. If you are a driver with a list of accidents that you have been involved in, the insurance rates can be out of sight. Even if you are a careful driver who has never had so much as a tiny fender bender, it still isn’t cheap. Eventually you may get tired of the rates and ask yourself why do I need car insurance? Well, before you go and drop your car insurance, here are some questions to consider.

Can I Legally Drive Without Insurance?

NO. If you are asking yourself why do I need car insurance, this is the number one reason. It is illegal to drive a car without at least liability insurance. The law wants to make sure that you are properly protected while you are out on the road. They also want to make sure that other people are protected from you. Accidents can happen to anyone, even careful drivers. If you get caught driving without proper insurance coverage, it can result in large fines, a suspended drivers license, and even time behind bars.

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Will Insurance Pay For Any Collision Repairs?

As long as you pay your deductible, yes. This is the whole reasoning behind car insurance in the first place. Since an accident can happen at any time, you pay for car insurance because repairs can be expensive. If you get involved in an accident, your insurance provider will pay to fix your car and possibly the other car, too, if the accident was your fault. They may even pay for a loaner while your car is in the shop.

Can I Get Insurance to Pay For Any Personal Injuries to Myself?


This is an important thing to consider for the question on why do I need car insurance. There are types of auto insurance that you can get that will pay for the treatment of any injuries caused to you or any passengers in your car during an accident. It’s called personal injury protection and this type of insurance might pay your medical bills or even cover any wages you might have lost if you are unable to work due to an accident.

Can I Get Sued For Not Having Car Insurance?

You’d better believe it. Driving without car insurance is a great way to set yourself up for a lawsuit. Imagine that you are driving without insurance and you hit another car, sending that driver to the hospital with serious injuries. When they find out that you don’t have insurance, and they will, there is a good chance you will end up in court. Luckily, there is a type of insurance, bodily injury liability, which covers any medical treatment of anyone that you injured while driving. If you get this type of insurance, it is important to get enough coverage in case you are the subject of a lawsuit for causing any injuries.

Will Insurance Pay For Any Non-Collision Repairs?

Another good reason on why I need car insurance is that sometimes things go wrong with your car and you need to send it to the shop for repairs. In some cases, your insurance will pay to fix it. You will, of course, have to pay the deductible, but as long as you can do that the insurance will cover the rest. Some examples of things that can happen that insurance will pay for is broken windshields, mirrors, and body work.

Is Comprehensive Required For a Car That Is Paid For?

Comprehensive insurance is only required for a car that you are still paying for. By law, auto loan companies require you to have full coverage to make sure that their investment is properly protected. However, if your car is paid for and you don’t owe anything on it, you can get just liability insurance. Be aware that this only protects other drivers in case of an accident. It will not pay for any repairs to your car.

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