Who Is Adobe?

Many people find themselves asking who Adobe is when their computer prompts them to download an update every once in a while but most have no idea what the program actually does. Simply put, Adobe is a multimedia platform that is used so that video and other animation will work on web pages.


Adobe was founded by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in December 1982 and was later incorporated in California in 1983. Interestingly, Adobe was named after the creek by the same name that is in Los Eltos, California, that ran directly behind Warnocks’s home. Adobe employs nearly 9,000 individuals worldwide and over half of the company’s revenue is generated from countries other than the United States.

Adobe Reader is distributed on many platforms in an impressive 34 languages so if you are a computer guru and are thinking about pursuing a career designing video games or retouching photos, you may want to reconsider all your options and check out the career availabilities that Adobe has to offer. Anyone can fix a photo but only the best of the best can say they work with Adobe!


  • 1984 – Adobe Post Script launched page description language that was able to provide reliable output for visually rich documents.
  • 1990 – Adobe Photoshop was released making photo retouch precise and easy. It became the industry standard for creating and editing digital images.
  • 1991 – Adobe Premiere Pro was created, a high performance and extremely powerful software used for editing both digital video and audio.
  • 1993 – Adobe After Effects was launched providing visual effect tools and motion graphics for work involving digital video production.
  • 1993 – Adobe Acrobat was also released in 1993 to provide a collection of products for technical, creative and business solutions. It offered a way to communicate more securely with PDF.
  • 1996 – Adobe Flash became the most advanced authoring environment in the industry to create interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content.
  • 1997 – Adobe DreamWeaver was launched, the leading web development tool in the industry. This enabled users to design, develop and maintain websites.
  • 1999 – Adobe InDesign, a design and layout software was released that created a fluid environment and sophisticated graphics.
  • 2003 – Adobe Creative Suite was released, a family of development tools for every type of creative work flow.
  • 2003 – Adobe Connect, also launched in 2003 provided web communication solutions, accessible to anyone.
  • 2003 – Adobe Flex joined the many accomplishments in 2003. It provided a set of building blocks to create more responsive and richer presentation.
  • 2004 – Adobe Live Cycle Enterprise Suite enabled organizations to offer customers consistent experiences to result in an increase in revenue and loyalty.
  • 2007 – Adobe Digital Editions was launched, a software application for managing, purchasing and reading digital publications.
  • 2008 – Adobe AIR was an application run-time released to create stand-alone applications on many devices and platforms.
  • 2009 – Omniture Online Marketing Suite was released, an on-demand software that would essentially optimize customer interaction.

Therefore, while you’re thinking that perhaps Adobe is really something that only applies to flash pages on your computer, it’s all around you. Adobe is on your phone, used for touching up photos in magazines, etc. It has improved everything digital and visual.

About the Author

Melissa Cameron is married with two children and although she absolutely adores spending time with her family, her real passions are digital photography and learning new things. When Melissa really started to use some of her photos as art, she learned just how important Adobe is to enhancing her hobby.

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