Advil Coupons

Where Can I Get Free Advil Coupons?

Advil is a brand name for the drug ibuprofen. This is the same active ingredient found in other brand names like Motrin. Ibuprofen capsules up to 200 milligrams are available in the United States, though there are higher concentrations available by prescriptions.

Advil is considered a “core drug” by the World Health Organization, meaning that it is an essential medication that should be part of any health care system.

Where can you find free Advil coupons? They are available on the Internet, as printable coupons and other special offers. Here are some good places to find discounts on Advil.

Internet Advil Coupons Online

Check out this site for deals on all sorts of Pfizer brand drugs, including five varieties of Advil. These “Internet-based” coupons require a little bit of registration with Pfizer, but you can save $1 or $2 on your next Advil purchase simply for giving Pfizer some basic information about yourself.

To save $2 instantly on your next purchase of Advil Liquigels, check out this page from Pfizer. Just for providing some basic details (your age, your address, your gender) you’ll get a manufacturer’s coupon for Advil worth $2 in savings.

Printable Advil Coupons 2012

Using printable coupons is smart. For starters, all it takes to get printable Advil coupons is a basic Internet connection and a printer. You don’t even have to spend time digging around for printable Advil coupons – simply check their site here.

Advil Discounts

While we’re on the topic of the Advil website, signing up for that newsletter will earn you more than just one coupon. They have a special section for coupons and offers that changes two or three times a month. Sometimes they offer free bottles to a select number of members, sometimes it is a simple $1 off coupon, but there’s always a deal to be had on Advil through their website.

Just for visiting the website, you’ll be offered a deal or coupon right away. Because was at one time handing out free bottles of the drug, many people are still visiting the website hoping for the giveaway. Since the deal is over, Advil has to offer some kind of deal to keep people interested.

2011 Online Coupons for Advil

A final way to take advantage of Advil coupons is to use retail coupons to buy Advil at online drugstore sites and save money that way. If you can’t find a coupon specifically for Advil, look for coupons to or other online drugstores and buy your Advil on the cheap through that route.

Third-party coupon sites like RetailMeNot often have deals for, including this coupon that offers you free shipping when you buy an Advil product.

Printing out coupons and searching third-party coupon sites is the best way to find discounts for Advil online. Joining the Advil newsletter and taking advantage of the offers found in their member emails is a free way to pay less for the Advil you need.