Applebees Coupons

Printable 2011 Applebees Coupons

Getting Applebees coupons online is fairly easy, since you can go on any number of Internet coupon share websites and print off copies of the coupons you want.

I’ve talked about this in several other posts recently, so Ask Deb readers should know about the coupon sites already. If not, I discuss one of these in passing in this article, and you can learn more by following links at the bottom of the page.

Applebees Coupons in the Papers

In many ways, restaurant discounts and Applebee’s coupons follow an old school pattern. That is, browsing through your Sunday newspaper is often all you need to do to find the best coupon deals. Restaurants tend to still advertise through newspaper ads, and coupons are often a big part of the advertisement. As you browse, clip out the coupons and stash them away for later use. And if you want to upload these onto a site like Coupon Cabin or Cheap Uncle for other people to print and use, that’s all the better.

Printable Applebees Coupons 2011

Check the Applebees website occasionally to find good deals, too. In fact, a look on their site today introduced me to their latest discount coupon: the Applebees $10 free bonus gift card.

$10 Free Bonus Gift Card at Applebees

For a limited time (through 2/8/11), you can get a special bonus gift card if you buy up to $50 in gift cards at Applebee’s. While it’s touted as a holiday bonus, this promotion extends well beyond the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so you can take advantage of the bargain through much of the winter. When you buy a $50 gift card, you’ll receive a “FREE $10 Bonus Gift Card“. Through the online depictions, you’ll see “$10 Bonus Card” in big red letters in the top left-hand side of the card, and Christmas imagery along with wintry scenes on the card.

If you plan on having a meal at Applebee’s, buy a gift card and get $10 off the meal, since this is a free promo. Note this is only at selected Applebee’s, so check with your local Applebees location before purchasing a gift card.

Coupon Cabin Applebees Coupons

Go to and type in “Applebees” in their internal search engine. You’ll be taken to a list of the Applebee’s coupons available at the moment. As I write this, I see 9 different entries, labeled such things as “free meal”, “5.50”, “20%”, “Little”, and “$25.00”.

You’ll also notice contributions and comments from other coupons users under the “Did This Work?” feature, which lets you vote up or down on whether you were able to use this coupon at your local Applebee’s Restaurant. Each coupon has its own percentage rating based on this poll, so you get a pretty good idea which coupons are worth your time.

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