Baby Food Coupons

Where to Find Baby Food Coupons

Before a baby is born, some parents have convinced themselves that they will be able to prepare baby food at home. They buy special gadgets and invest heavily in carrots. Once the baby arrives and chaos sets in, they realize that the store-bought jar of baby food looks pretty sweet.

But baby food isn’t cheap. Those little jars can really add up. The good news is you can save money by finding baby food coupons online.

Baby Food Coupons Online 2011

Baby food manufacturers are slowly but surely moving into the 21st century. Gerber, for instance, has a huge social media presence. Their Facebook page is full of specials, and there’s always multiple printable coupons available right on their main page.

Right now, for example, there’s a “Buy Three Get One Free” special on Gerber Infant Cereal, save $1 on Gerber food purees, and Save $1 on any three Gerber baby food products. These coupons and specials rotate, so if you go back to the Facebook page a week later, you’ll have three new deals waiting for you.

Printable Gerber coupons may only be good for a buck or two, but the amount of baby food you’re going to buy makes that $1 really valuable.

Printable Baby Food Coupons

Gerber isn’t the only baby food manufacturer offering awesome baby food coupons. Most baby food companies have “clubs” you can join, share a little personal information with, and get awesome coupon deals instantly.

Nature’s Goodness identifies themselves as “all natural” baby food. Signing up for their newsletter will also earn you coupons on their products, ranging from a coupon book with over $150 worth of baby food coupons inside all the way to basic buy one get one free deals.

Earth’s Best baby food, an organic baby food company, has a list of coupons for their products right smack dab on their website. No club-joining necessary–save $1 on any seven jars of baby food (think of it as saving a buck or two per week), $5 off Eart’s Best infant formula, and other special deals you can only find on their website.

Other Ways to Save on Baby Food

Besides signing up for newsletters from baby food companies and clipping baby food coupons that appear in your local newspaper, you can save money buying baby food by finding coupons good for baby food purchases at online retailers. always has a long list of Babies R Us coupons, and sometimes you can find coupons specifically aimed at baby food buyers. Other times, you’ll have to use free shipping coupons to make your baby food purchase a little more reasonable.

Right now, has Babies R Us coupons good for the holidays (through the beginning of 2011) that are good for up to 25% off purchases of baby food and baby accessories when you shop at Babies R Us online.

Finding baby food coupons doesn’t take a long time and can save you anywhere from a few cents to a few bucks in your weekly baby supply shopping. Using printable coupons is as easy as hitting print and stuffing the coupon in your pocket.

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