Barnes and Noble Coupons

Printable Barnes and Noble Coupons 2011

Barnes and Noble coupons are important to have, because Barnes & Noble tend to be a fairly expensive store.

Among the books, movies, and music stores out there, I’ve found that Barnes and Noble tends to have a full-priced markup on their items, with some exceptions.

That means you tend to get good value and a huge selection at Barnes and Noble, but buying there can get a little pricey.

Having coupons on discount items is a good way to offset the higher pricing. It’s essential for some of us shoppers, if we want to use a nice book store like Barnes & Noble.

Barnes and Noble Membership

Printable Barnes and Noble Coupons 2011

If you get a B&N membership ($25 per year), you get free shipping for the year and over $50 in bonus coupons. This membership is obviously for online purchases and Barnes & Noble, but the page I directed you to also discusses other great deals at Barnes and Noble.

For instance, in addition to becoming a member of the B&N Internet bonus club, you can become an in-store member and also get 40% off hardcover bestsellers, 20% off adult hardcovers, and 10% off everything else.

Coupon Album Barnes & Noble Coupons

Coupon Album has one of the largest collections of Barnes & Noble coupons I’ve found.

This site offers printable coupons and easy to copy “coupon codes”, which are even easier to use, when applicable. One neat feature at CouponALbum is the “Last Verified on…” feature, which lets you know the last time another coupon user verified that Barnes & Noble accepts the discount token.

For instance, you’ll find the following deals currently (as of late 2010).

  • 15% off Single Item
  • 20% off Single Item (for “Members”)
  • Up to 90% off Textbooks
  • 50% off Best-Selling Calenders
  • Up to 75% off DVD Box Sets
  • Buy 2 Dr. Suess Books – Get 1 Free
  • Buy 2 Paperbacks – Get the 3rd Free
  • 50% off Nook Accessories
  • 50% off Nook e-Textbooks
  • Free eReader Software

These are just a few examples of the Barnes & Noble coupons you can find online. The list is much longer, if you take the time to search.

More Barnes and Noble Coupon Deals

Read More about Barnes & Noble Coupons

To read more about coupons for Barnes and Noble, go to the Barnes & Noble Coupons Help Desk, where you’ll learn how to redeem coupons and other information about coupons, such as which items they cannot be used toward, whether the coupon is applied before or after shipping and handling is determined, and whether coupons can be redeemed online or in live retail stores.

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