Ben and Jerrys Coupons

Where to Find Ben and Jerrys Coupons

Ben and Jerrys makes flavors of ice cream that you can’t find anywhere else, iconic flavors like Cherry Garcia and Chubby Hubby. Ben and Jerrys is an earth-friendly company, pledging to never use cows that are treated with hormones or antibiotics, and trying to use only local, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients.

Just because Ben and Jerrys makes awesome ice cream with great ingredients doesn’t mean you should have to pay full price. You don’t even have to print out coupons or find online deals to save money on Ben and Jerrys goods. Every year on March 23, the Ben and Jerrys Scoop Shops give away a free ice cream cone to every customer. Want to try a new Ben and Jerrys flavor but not sure if you want to pay for it? Hit up a Scoop Shop on March 23.

But for the other 364 days a year, you can find deals on the Ben and Jerrys ice cream you love. Just look online.

Ben and Jerrys Coupons Online

Coupons for Ben and Jerrys ice cream are available across many different coupon sites on the Internet. and are the most reliable sources for Ben and Jerrys coupons.

Ben and Jerrys Coupons is a “local deal” search engine, so your luck finding Ben and Jerrys deals through that site depend on the deals available in your area. is a generic third party coupon website that offers deals when they’re available.

Printable Ben and Jerrys Coupons 2011

If you want a reliable source of coupons for the Ben and Jerrys products you love, you should join the Chunk Spelunker program–that’s Ben and Jerrys interestingly named membership club.

To join the club, go here and fill out the form. You’ll learn about new flavors, promotional offers, and get coupons directly in your email. Members of the Chunk Spelunker club are often invited to test new flavors or new products, and you will be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for a year’s supply of free Ben and Jerrys ice cream. Joining the Chunk Spelunker club has its benefits.

Besides visiting a Ben and Jerrys Scoop Shop on March 23 or using an online coupon like those found above, you can also save money by visiting a Scoop Shop on a Monday and taking advantage of the Sundaes on Monday deal. On Mondays, you can get two ice cream sundaes for the price of one just for asking for it.

While Ben and Jerrys coupons are few and far between, doing a little digging online looking for printable coupons can save you a ton of money. There are printable coupons good for free items in Ben and Jerrys Scoop Shops as well as grocery store coupons for stores that sell Ben and Jerrys products. Instead of paying $4.99 per pint in the store, you can pay as much as a buck or two less depending on the coupon you find.

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