Benihana Coupons

Benihana Coupons

The Benihana craze started in the mid 1960s in Miami, Florida. Nearly fifty years ago Americans were not all that familiar with Japanese food–if you knew anything about food from Japan back then, you probably thought of it as “raw fish”, gagged, and went on your way to the next hamburger joint.

When the first Benihana opened its doors in 1964, no one knew anything about “teppanyaki-style” food–food that is cooked tableside on a hot grill. Now, the concept of tableside cooking seems so perfectly American, and many restaurants have opened up imitating what started in the 60s with Benihana. Over the past 45 years of doing business, Benihana has opened franchises in nine different countries around the world, and the company reports they have served over 100 million meals. That’s a lot of shrimp.

Benihana Coupons

The concept behind Benihana is to give customers a good meal and a good show–the restaurant trains their hibachi chefs to put on a performance with the food they’re cooking. You pick your seafood, meats, and vegetables and through a combination of knife tricks and sleight of hand, the chefs entertain as they slice and dice. But Benihana isn’t all grilled food–you can eat sushi or other menu items, and there’s a kids’ menu as well.

Benihana is usually reserved for special occasions–like champagne or fine chocolate, most Americans only go to Benihana for a graduation, a birthday, anniversary, or some other major event. But Benihana doesn’t have to be so expensive that you eat there just once a year–get a discount on your next tableside meal by using a Benihana printable coupon. They’re available all over the Internet and in a few other sources, too.

Printable Benihana Coupons

There are Benihana coupons available online that you can print out and use at your leisure. Not just coupons, but online promotional offers, social media-exclusive discounts, and news about special deals at Benihana restaurants–all are

available when you sign up for Benihana’s Chef’s Table program. Like a VIP Club, you go to the Benihana website, click on the Chef’s Table icon on the homepage, and fill out the short membership form. All you need to give up are your first and last name, email address, local Benihana location, and your date of birth. You get a coupon instantly delivered to your email inbox, a monthly newsletter about deals and new restaurant items, and a special coupon on your birthday.

Other 2011 Benihana Coupons

As always, you should search the third-party coupon websites like RetailMeNot and for printable coupons and other deals good for money off your meal, low-cost gift certificates, special menu items, and other deals. These specials change regularly, so as you plan your next Benihana trip, keep your eyes peeled online for new coupon offers.

One last place you can sometimes find Benihana coupons is in your area newspaper. At certain times of the year (the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve for instance) the local Benihana franchise will often put coupon offers right in the advertising section of the paper to drum up business.

Benihana is more than just a Japanese restaurant, it is an American tradition. Using printable coupons to make your next Benihana experience cheaper is a great way to enjoy the food and flashy knife show that Benihana offers.

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