Betty Crocker Coupons

Betty Crocker Coupons – Catalogs, Cake Mix, and Frosting 2011

Betty Crocker is a huge brand of food products and other grocery items now owned by the General Mills company. The company will soon celebrate its 100th birthday–Betty Crocker products have been on the market forever and are akin to edible Americana, as identifiably American as jazz or the Statue of Liberty. Making everything from cakes and frostings to gravy and chili mixes, Betty Crocker’s logo (the company name superimposed over a spatula) is one of the more widely recognized brands in the world.

There was never a Betty Crocker–the name was invented by the owners of the Gold Medal Flour company as a way to signletters to customers, a name that just sounds like a person who knows how to cook. These days, the name Betty is not as common as it once was, but everyone knows who (or what) Betty Crocker is.

Betty Crocker Coupons

The line of products produced by Betty Crocker is lengthy. Baking ingredients, packaged dinners, instant potatoes, and many dessert items are all produced under the Betty Crocker name. Here’s how you can save money on all the Betty Crocker products you love.

Online Betty Crocker Coupons

Betty Crocker’s website ( has its own “coupons” section. Access it by visiting the homepage and clicking on the “coupons” link in the top right portion of the screen. You’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up for Betty Crocker coupons. It costs nothing to join–simply enter the membership information and you’ll have instant access to hundreds of different coupons for Betty Crocker products. These are manufacturer’s coupons, so almost any retail setting will accept them.

The types of coupons you get from your Betty Crocker online coupon membership vary, but are generally good for a few cents off different Betty Crocker products, as much as a dollar off different items. These coupons rotate pretty often, and are only good for a specific amount of time, so checking in at the Betty Crocker coupon site is a good idea. As soon as you join, you’ll have immediate access to almost $30 in Betty Crocker coupon savings.

Outside of these coupons directly from the manufacturer, finding valid online coupons for Betty Crocker products is a bit tough. Betty Crocker has a tight grip on their coupon program, so coupon codes you might find at a third-party coupon site like RetailMeNot are probably not valid coupons. In fact, as of this writing, the only valid coupons for Betty Crocker found at third-party coupon sites are invitations to join the manufacturer’s coupon program.

Betty Crocker, as part of the massive General Mills company, keeps their coupon promotions in-house. Besides retail coupons from stores that sell Betty Crocker products, your best bet for finding online coupons for Betty Crocker grocery items is to join the manufacturer’s program and check it before you go to the grocery store.

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