Blackeyed Pea Coupons

Blackeyed Pea Coupons

Blackeyed Pea restaurants are currently located in just a few places in the country–only 41 franchises exist in three states. But where Blackeyed Pea does exist, it is a popular casual restaurant. Diners in Texas, Colorado, and Tennessee can enjoy traditional “home-style” food, hence the name of the restaurant. Blackeyed Pea restaurants go out of their way to make you feel like you’re eating dinner at your grandmother’s house, down to the interior design and menu style.

The first Blackeyed Pea restaurant opened in Houston in 1975, though eventually the company “split” into two distinct operations. The restaurants in Texas and Tennessee have the same owner, while each of the 9 restaurants in Colorado are owned individually. This becomes important when you’re hunting for Blackeyed Pea coupons, as discounts for Texas restaurants are probably not valid at Coloradio locations and vice versa.

Blackeyed Pea Coupons

The Blackeyed Pea menu is pretty much the same no matter what state you visit the restaurant in–chicken fried steak, a few seafood items, veggie, soups, salads, and even steaks and hamburgers are available, along with country-style dessert options. Some Texas and Colorado locations also offer a full-service bar. You can sit at the bar and have your drinks and meals or order bar drinks from your table.

Blackeyed Pea Printable Coupons

Because Blackeyed Pea has a number of different owners and even has two separate headquarters (one in Texas, one in Colorado), it can be difficult to find generic Blackeyed Pea coupons online. That doesn’t mean it is impossible.

For instance, when you sign up for the free “Black-eyed Pea e-club” either online or in-store, you’ll get member-exclusive discount and coupon offers right to your email address. Just for joining the club (and handing over a tiny bit of personal information), Blackeyed Pea will send you a free gift on your birthday, special birthday and annual coupons, and menu announcements such as seasonal entrees. To join online, click on the e-club icon on the official Blackeyed Pea website, and simply follow the instructions. You can join the e-club for both the Texas-based and Colorado-based Blackeyed Pea chains, just in case you’re on the road in another state and have a hankering for mashed potatoes.

Blackeyed Pea Deals 2011

Blackeyed Pea restaurants regularly participate in various “coupon book” deals with local schools. You buy these coupon books from students travelling door-to-door or through a mail-order system. Blackeyed Pea prefers this style of coupon because it goes directly into the hands of the consumer, unlike a newspaper ad which gets dropped on every doorstep. Coupons found in these books include “$5 off your dinner purchase” and even buy one entree get one free deals.

Other Blackeyed Pea Deals

At every Blackeyed Pea location, kids 12 and under eat free on Tuesday nights as long as you purchase an adult entree. This is a great way to save money while feeding your kids–finicky eaters who may not finish their food anyway.

Make sure and check any Blackeyed Pea coupons you find to see if they match your local franchise. Some coupons are only good at specific locations or in specific states.

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