Burger Street Coupons

Burger Street Coupons Online in 2011

With just 20 locations in Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma it doesn’t get much more “regional” than a restaurant like Burger Street. This burger joint doesn’t have the huge cult following of a Five Guys or the advertising budget of a Burger King, but in neighborhoods where Burger Street exists, it would be difficult for another burger joint to thrive. That’s because Burger Street’s burger are bigger than other fast food chains’ offerings, their menu is more inclusive than a place like McDonald’s, and at some locations they pump the smell of the burgers out into the street.

The menu at Burger Street is about what you’d expect from an old-fashioned American greasy spoon–burgers, fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and dessert items. Prefer curly fries or tater tots to the dried out strips of potato that pass for “fries” at other joints? Burger Street’s got

Burger Street Coupons

those, too.

Fans of Burger Street know that this chain loves to put out coupons, and in a city like Dallas (where there are 17 Burger Street franchises altogether) finding a Burger Street coupon is as easy as walking into the restaurant and ripping one off a flyer.

Here are some other ways to find coupons for Burger Street.

Printable Online Burger Street Coupons

Burger Street offers coupons right on their website–a rolling lineup of coupons and promotions meant to push certain menu items. Currently, you can print out a coupon for $1 off four different combo meals. You can print these coupons out as often as you want, but you can only use one per visit. Since Burger Street is a small chain, the coupons you print off the website are good at any of their 20-something locations.

If you sign up for the Burger Street newsletter, either on the website or in one of the restaurants, you’ll get news about new store openings, new promotions, and (best of all) a coupon or two every month. The newsletter is available as an email or as a physical piece of mail that comes to your mailbox.

2011 Burger Street Deals

For many of the promotional menu items at Burger Street you don’t need a coupon to save cash. Burger Street sells a $0.99 hot dog and $1 sweet tea every day of the year–a good snack for less than $2. No coupon necessary–drive through or order in the restaurant any time of year.

Occasionally, a third-party coupon host like 8coupons.com will offer a Burger Street printable coupon, but usually these are just links to the coupons available at the company’s website. Still, searching a third-party site is a good way to keep track of the current deals Burger Street is offering.

If you find yourself in Dallas or Tulsa and you have a hankering for a (fast and cheap) burger, keep these coupon ideas and deals in mind and pull through a Burger Street rather than one of the other big name burger joints. Burger Street has all the charm of a small chain with the convenience of a fast food outlet.

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