Burlington Coat Factory Coupons

Burlington Coat Factory Coupons

The first Burlington Coat Factory opened its doors in 1924 in (where else?) Burlington, New Jersey. There are now more than 400 shop fronts in forty states around the country as well as a website where you can get all your men’s and women’s warm weather gear as well as clothing for babies and children and maternity clothes.

Burlington Coat Factory is a “discount clothing” store. Though you can find some expensive items at your local Burlington Coat Factory, you’ll never find a coat or a piece of clothing being sold at full price. Deals like “buy one get one free” and “50% off” sales are common at Burlington, usually tied to a season such as Christmas or an after summer blowout sale. To save even more money on your next winter coat purchase, you can use printable coupons, online promo codes, and otherBurlington Coat Factory Coupons

online deals. Here’s how.

Online Promo Codes for Burlington Coat Factory

Since the Burlington Coat Factory website is a big part of their business, most of the online coupons you find are in the form of promo codes that you enter at checkout to get a discount on your online purchase. These are even easier to use than printable coupons–no need to print or tear out a coupon, you just write down the code and put it in the proper box at checkout, usually labelled “coupons” or “promo code.”

You can find these promo codes at most of the same websites where you’d find printable coupons. Third-party coupon sites are also great places to find promo codes that you input at checkout. For example, my favorite third-party site RetailMeNot.com has very little in the way of printable Burlington Coat Factory coupons but is stocked with promo codes. As of this writing, they’re offering a special promo code for 74% off your online purchase. RetailMeNot rates their codes and coupons by their “success”, and this huge discount is currently running at a 66% success rate, pretty decent for online promo codes that usually hover in the 30s.

Other sources for promo codes are in Burlington Coat Factory’s own advertising and at Burlington’s social media sites on Twitter and Facebook.

Printable Burlington Coat Factory Coupons 2011

Just because RetailMeNot doesn’t have a ton of printable coupons doesn’t mean no other third-party site will. CouponCabin.com, for example, is hosting dozens of printable Burlington Coat Factory coupons, including deals like 10% off baby clothes, free shipping on maternity items, and other deals. You have to take advantage of these deals quickly–they expire fast. The good news is, it is very common for other deals to take their place.

Outside of coupon hunting websites, you’ll have to dig through Burlington Coat Factory’s promotional material to find coupons to use in-store. Burlington Coat Factory often advertises in newspapers and direct mail campaigns, so keep a sharp eye out when it is time to buy your next winter coat.

Burlington Coat Factory is a discount store that sells much more than just heavy coats. A popular maternity and children’s clothing store as well as a shop known for deep discounts on cold weather gear, Burlington Coat Factory also offers plenty of printable coupons and promo codes. All you have to do is look for them.

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