Cat Food Coupons

How Do I Find Cat Food Coupons?

Cat food can be expensive, especially the fancy stuff recommended by your cat’s veterinarian. Instead of feeding your cat the cheapest stuff you can find, you can give a good nutritious meal and save money at the same time.

Cat food quality depends on the ingredients that go into the food. Cats need a very specific ratio of protein to fat to other nutrients, just like any animal. While cheap cat foods ignore cat’s dietary needs in favor of saving money in manufacturing, the more expensive cat foods actually are better for your cat.

Finding cat food coupons can be as easy as digging through your newspaper and clipping them. But it is far easier (and you’re more likely to actually find cat food coupons) if you do some searching on the Internet.

Printable Cat Food Coupons Online 2011

This page from is stuffed with cat product savings, including lots of links to coupons for cat food. Using that one link, you can find free trial size bags of cat food, rebates of up to $5 on cat food purchases, and other deals on everything from litter to treats and toys.

Cat Food Coupons

One of the links from that list, to the Whiskas website, shows another good source of cat food coupons. Going directly to the manufacturer’s website or even their social media sites can put good cat food coupons in your hand really fast. That’s because most big-name cat food manufacturers offer printable coupons directly on their website.

Even prescription or “science diet” type cat foods have deals available in printable online coupons, like these offers from Hills Pet good for up to $7 off select cat food products.

Free Cat Food Offers

You can use printable and online cat food coupons to get cat food completely free. Whiskas is currently offering a printable cat food offers for a free tray of Whiska cat food when you buy any two other trays.

Free samples are another great way to get free cat food. is offering both a dog food and cat food sampler deal, containing four different samples of free cat food.

Other Ways to Save on Cat Food

Good cat food doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of websites that want to sell you your pet’s food at a discount, including Rather than depending on the occasional cat food coupon, you can save money year-round, coupon or not, by buying direct. Veterinary cat food is usually ten bucks or so cheaper when you buy from a direct shipping company like this, and occasionally these already-cheaper cat food retailers offer seasonal or special-offer discounts.

Cats eat a very specific diet, and there are fewer finicky eaters than household felines. Use any of the above methods to save money buying good cat food and give your pet the nutrition she really needs.

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