Cheerios Coupons

Where to Find Cheerios Coupons

Cheerios breakfast cereals are popular choices for kids and adults. What baby hasn’t eaten its way through box after box of basic Cheerios? Since Cheerios cereals are low-sugar and high in fiber, adults are turning to them as part of a healthy diet as well.

You don’t have to pay full price for Cheerios ever again. Cheerios coupons are available through the company’s website as well as from retail coupon websites like RetailMeNot and

Printable Cheerios Coupons 2012

The website offers coupons for Cheerios products to anyone who donates to their current charity. Right now, Cheerios is working with WomenHeart to fight and raise awareness for female heart disease.

Cheerios Coupons Online

General Mills, manufacturer of Cheerios, also offers coupons for their range of products. Their website has a few ways for you to save on Cheerios and other General Mills products, from printable coupons for Cheerios to a membership club that will send you hundreds of dollars in coupons just for joining.

Online Cheerios Coupons

The manufacturer’s website is not the only place you can go to find coupons for Cheerios. While you can’t find coupons specifically for Cheerios at third-party coupon websites, you can find deals at stores and online retailers that sell General Mills products and Cheerios. You can find coupons for free shipping from stores that sell Cheerios cereal like Sam’s Club.

The website EatBetterAmerica has a membership offer that includes coupons for Cheerios and other healthy foods like Yoplait brand yogurt. When you join (membership is free) you get $42.30 in coupons right away.

Other Cheerios Printable Coupons

Occasionally, coupons printed specifically for Cheerios products appear online. Usually, these are coupons printed specifically for area grocery stores. National chains like Safeway and HEB will print special deals on Cheerios products at website that distribute coupons and deals as well as at “new family” or “new baby” oriented sites. After all, every home with a new baby has at least one box of Cheerios in the kitchen, right?

Cheerios cereal is an American staple, a quick breakfast food and the perfect baby snack. By finding Cheerios coupons online you can save money on the Cheerios cereal products you buy every week.

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