Chex Mix Coupons

Chex Mix Coupons

Chex Mix is a Pillsbury snack food. Chex Mix is eaten on its own or as part of other homemade “snack” recipes such as “Texas Trash”, which is little more than Chex Mix soaked in a spicy sauce and baked in the oven. Chex Mix is a common snack food during the holidays, as familiar on a New Year’s Ever snack table as bottle of cheap sparkling wine.

Pillsbury is very good about printing coupons for its products, from local newspapers and ad circulars to third-party coupon websites, it is easy to find coupons for Pillsbury products.

Online Chex Mix Coupons

Start your hunt for Chex Mix coupons at the Pillsbury website. This page allows you to join a club put together by General Mills  (the parent company of Pillsbury) to save money on Chex Mix and other products. Joining the General Mills coupon club can give you access to lots of coupons right away, usually on the level of “buy one bag of Chex Mix, save 50 cents on another bag.”

Printable Chex Mix Coupons

Printable Chex Mix Coupons

Along a similar line are the printable coupons for Chex Mix that you find at websites other than the manufacturer’s own. has different offers on Chex Mix depending on the day you search. Right now, if you join, you can get a coupon good for 50 cents off the purchase of any two bags of Chex Mix snacks. is offering multiple coupons on Chex cereal products, and while these aren’t exactly “Chex Mix”, they are called for in a ton of snack recipes and are good with plain old milk as well.

Other 2011 Chex Mix Coupons

You should always check when looking for any coupons online. Their deals change so often that even if they don’t have a Chex coupon this week, there will likely be one up the week after. Right nows there is a coupon to save 50 cents off specific flavors of Chex Mix bags–since you can’t use a traditional search at, keep your eyes peeled when looking through the grocery coupons section.

If you “like” Chex Mix on Facebook or follow their Twitter page, you can sometimes find web-exclusive printable coupons or other deals on Chex Mix products. It is becoming really common for companies to release coupons through their social media site, so you should always check for a Facebook or Twitter page before you finish your coupon search.

Chex Mix is good road-trip food, it is good on a snack table, and many people use it to make traditional family recipes especially at holiday time. If you spend a little time digging around on the Internet for coupons, you can always find a special coupon for the Chex Mix snacks you love.

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